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  1. Sorry for your loss Cat123. I went to a local farmer and got 2 new girls in the end. There were a few scraps with my older chicken and one of the new ones but with each day they have gotten along much better.
  2. Thank you. I had stood her in cool water but if I’m honesty I think there was an underlying illness and the heat just made it worse (my vet was completely useless) I was syringing water because she had stopped drinking. I saw an advert yesterday in my local farm shop for pairs of hens so I’ll give them a call tomorrow.
  3. Hi all. I’ve had two adored chickens since March 2020. Sadly one went very down hill during the heatwave last week and despite me syringing water in her every couple of hours we lost her this afternoon. I am now worried about the chicken that’s been left behind. She’s super healthy, head girl and a greedy guts but I don’t want her to be lonely. How soon should I introduce a new chicken? Is one or two better? Thanks in advance.
  4. Hi guys, new chicken Mum here & I'm struggling to break my broody hen. It started 2 weeks ago with her sitting on hers & her ‘sisters’ eggs when they’d laid very early. Puffed up, growling, trying to peck me when I moved her. Once I evicted her from the nest box she was fine, ate, drank, didn’t return but every morning I was having the same problem. Had 1 day of being ok, but now she’s worse. Will return as soon as I evict her even if I do it all day. I've tried Removing all nesting/bedding materials, I’ve tried shutting her out of the coop & I’m now on day 4 of chicken jail. She’s been in a dog crate for 3 days but going back in the coop at night as it’s not fox or weather proof, but last night I put the crate in the garage. Still no change. How can I tell if she’s broken from being broody & not just trying to lay an egg? She’s returned straight back to the nest box so I’ve assumed broody & put her back in the crate. Any advice would be much appreciated!

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