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  1. This is brilliant. Thanks so much. That's mainly everything I was worrying about. I have 6 ladies and the 2 (yet unsexed chicks) but I'll aim to keep around 8 girls for him then. My neighbours have all been great. They like hearing him. He doesn't start until the Eglu cube opens around 8 so he's not too bad. Waiting to see what next summer brings though. Hoping I get to keep him as I love his personality 😁 Layers it is then. As long as he'll be getting what he needs from it that's great news
  2. Aw lol....I can't bring myself to shorten it to a cock 😂😲 he's a Roo in my eyes 😂
  3. Guys this is Neil. After many years of owning ex-bats we went for a mixed flock from a breeder. Of course Neil was sold to me as Nancy(!) but we are where we are. Neil hatched in Jan so is 9 months old and has already fathered himself a couple of babies. My question is....how do I look after him. I'm used to layers pellets and grit.....does he need different food? If so how do I keep it separate from the girls who are now laying? Up until a couple of months ago it wasn't an issue as they were all on growers 🤔 Also would love to hear any tips suggestions advice from other Roo owners. Katy, Izzy and Neil 🐓
  4. Do you know what they are doing fine. I had a makeshift ramp in while they were small but removed it 2 weeks ago and they all manage fine
  5. Ok. I have a flock of 6, all around 22 weeks old with mixed breed. In this I have 2 silkies. Both look the same, no wattles, no streamer feathers, similar hight etc..... However. One has started to shout in the mornings. It's not a crow and it's only been the last 4 days. Thoughts? Could she be a he? I normally have ex bats so this is all new to me. It's the black one in the pic 😁
  6. Hi. I've just got 2 Pekins, 2 Silkies and 2 Frizzles today after 10 years of keeping ex-bats. I'm concerned they won't be able to get up the steps to bed at night cos of their little legs!!!!how's yours getting on?Katy

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