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  1. Another duckling has hatched and looking much healthier than the previous one. How long do i have to wait until he can come out of the incubator? Many thanks to those who helped me out, especially @The Dogmother 👍🏻👍🏻
  2. Unfortunately he passed away during the night. I had not interfered and left him int he incubator to dry off. It was quite upsettting, as a first time Hatcher who has put so much effort into caring for the eggs, but the other 3 eggs are looking promising. Fingers crossed 🤞🏻
  3. Some news.... said duck has hatched from shell, so I removed the shell form incubator to give some more room. It’s head is still tucked up as if it’s still in the egg and there is a small belly button like feature on its tummy. It’s chirping quite regularly but not as much as I had expected. I think it could be quite premature as none of the other eggs have hatched, just pipped. I’ll attack a photo ...
  4. Thanks very much @The Dogmother that has really put my mind at ease. Should I open the incubator quickly and spray them with warm water then? I’ll send photos if they make it! Who would’ve thought hatching was so stressful! Finger crossed everything is smooth form here on in 🤞🏻🤞🏻🤞🏻
  5. I’m a first time Hatcher, on day 28 of incubation. All ducks are popping slightly which is great. One pipped yesterday before midday, and has made quite a bit of progress, but I think he may be bleeding slightly? I’ve attached a picture, can anyone advise me?
  6. I’ve been incubating some duck eggs for 14 days now. Ive been candling regularly, and all seemed to be doing fine. Today, one that ive struggled to candle due to its thicker shell, has developed a bad smell. And when candling I can only see a black mass. Ive googled what a bad egg smells like and form what’s described, i doing think its that bad. It just a kind of ‘off’ smell. As im a first time hatcher, I dont want to make the decision to revive the egg myself. I would be grateful for any advice, as it can be slightly upsetting taking out an egg that I’ve been religiously turning for days. Thanks.
  7. New incubator delivered, and problem solved. Thanks for all the help guys 👍🏻👍🏻
  8. Yes - was a bit stupid but there’s no going back now!!!!!! All i can do is hope!
  9. I’m new to hatching ducks so this is my first ever incubation. I have one incubator with a 12 egg capacity which has been running for 12 days now with runner duck eggs. All eggs are showing signs of early life which is great. I had previously ordered some Cayuga duck eggs on line and they arrived 3 days ago. I decided to squeeze 4 more into the incubator with the already incubating runner ducks. The Cayuga are also showing easy life signs. However at the time I didn’t realise, because the duck eggs have been put in about a week apart, they are going to have a different lockdown time. How do I rotate the Cayuga duck eggs when my runner ducks are in lockdown period? PLEASE can i get some advice, i dont want to abandon the second batch as they are already showing life signs. Is it possible to rotate them quickly without disturbing the other eggs?? many thanks

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