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  1. Hi, I have a broody hen. I want to break her out of this habit as we have no cockerel and no room for chicks so please help and give me tips which have worked for yourselves, thank you
  2. I’ve asked and he said it’s fine
  3. Thank you, just spoke to the vet and he said it’s ok Ok, where do I get them from? Thanks Also how long after ? Thanks
  4. Thank you, I’m working them now and not really wanting to stop half way through but don’t know if it’ll effect the antibiotics or not
  5. My chickens are on antibiotics for a possible respiratory infection. I started them on layer pellets with Flubenvet as a precaution before the course of antibiotics. I have 3 days left for the worming pellets, should I continue it whilst they’re on antibiotics or take them off them and do it after They’ve finished the course of antibiotics. thank you
  6. Hi, my chickens are on antibiotics for a possible respiratory infection. Before this I was worming them as a precaution with layer pellets with flubenvet. they have 3 days left of worming pellets shall I keep them going on them whilst on antibiotics or shall I stop and carry them with it after the course of antibiotics have finished? thanks

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