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  1. Hi I have a bantum that’s around 5 years old (it has outlived 2 others) that’s constantly falling onto its side and unable to get up.It lies on its side paddling its legs. When it’s upright it eats and drinks no problem and tries to run around, but it’s constantly falling over. When upright which is rare it goes round in circles. I’m wondering if anyone has any ideas what could be wrong
  2. Yes just Blossom of the older birds but I managed to get 2, 7 week old chicks a few weeks back. She has always been my brooder so she has been mothering them. I don’t think she will be lonely thankfully. Thanks for the help. X
  3. Hi thanks for the advice and previous bantam had no symptoms and the next day she was dead. I had a health check with Bubbles (lethargic bantam) from the vet when she was behaving oddly just after previous death, clean bill of health. I gave them all Flubenvet after visit to vets. They are fed on layers pellets have been for the time I have had them ( 4 years plus). Unfortunately Bubbles died today before I could get her to the vet, a sad day. Thanks for helping, I am now watching my original bantam Blossom like a hawk. I suspect the other 2 it could have just been their time to go.
  4. She is around 4 years old, her breathing is now laboured and I don’t think she will still be with us tomorrow.
  5. Hi I have a bantam that is normally very lively and follows me everywhere in the garden, but the last couple of days has been very lethargic. I have put it down to the weather as it has been very hot. This morning though as it’s cooler I thought she might improve,but she’s just lying on her side not really moving. I lost one of her pen mates at the beginning of lockdown with no warning. I have 2 chicks that have been kept separate as hen pecking is an issue. Help please.
  6. My bantam is unwell and off her food constantly flicking/ shaking her head. Usually she is following me around the garden but she isn’t coming out of her house. We lost one of her house mates last week suddenly. I don’t know what to do to help her.

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