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  1. Hi, I have a chicken (called Delores btw!) who is being treated for an upper respiratory tract infection and is on an antibiotic called Marbocyl. I’ve also had her results back from Westgate Labs showing she’s got roundworms (600 epg) I’ve got some Flubenvet 1% can I give it to her at the same time as her antibiotics or should I wait until she’s finished her course? I don’t want to overload her system! Any advice would be much appreciated. TIA
  2. Hi, Really need some advice if poss? I have a chicken that is being treated for an upper respiratory infection. She had all the symptoms - sneezing, congested sounding breathing and open beak breathing, which all seemed to eventually get better after she’d been in isolation on all sorts of medications for around 10days. I’m desperate to put her back in the coop, she seems so lonely on her own, but she started beak breathing again after having a big drink of water. Should I still keep her away from the other chickens or is there still a risk that she might infect them if I do? Thanks in advance

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