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  1. Thanks for all the replies - ill be looking at all these breeds and might be able to get the run increased by 2 more square metres.
  2. Hello Omlet friends, Completely new to chickens and in the midst of researching everything before we get them... later in the year... We are building a run and a raised coop will go inside... not decided on coop but the total run will be 6sq m / 64 sq ft. The chickens will also be allowed out to free range in the garden when we are out - so we can keep an eye on them as we are very suburban location - however our garden is secure. However there might be the odd day when the weather is bad or we are super busy that they have to stay in the run - but we don’t foresee this being often. I’m going round the houses on which breeds - ideally we’d like to start with 4 hens and I’m thinking max 6 with the space we have? I’d love a little flock of 4 different breeds - at least one good layer and the others reasonable for eggs and ideally lovely temperaments - we plan to try and have lots of contact with them so they are used to us and become part of our family. i have an older labradoodle who is very chilled and two teenagers who ideally want the birds when they are as young as poss.. I’d be interested to hear your expert opinions on a nice mix of 4 breeds - that would give us some nice egg and be friendly. We are based in Nottinghamshire- so any local breeder recommendations in East Mids appreciated. thanks in advance for any help and advice, xx

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