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  1. I just buy the Eglu cube on omlet.fr https://www.omlet.fr/shop/elevage_des_poules/eglu_cube/ I think it's the last version! If I read wright, it is easy to fit the autodoor. I think all will be OK Thanks for your answers and sorry for my English.
  2. Hi, Thanks for your answer. Yes, I have a home made house for my chickens, with the omlet autodoor. My questions : 1. Is eglu cube sale with an autodoor? I think no? 2. Can I reuse my omlet autodoor easily with my future ergo cube? Must I use specific accessories?
  3. Hi, I'm interested to buy an ergo cube for my 3 chickens. I'm not sure to have understood. Is ergo cube sale with autodoor or is it an option? In fact, I've already an autodoor omlet. Could I install it on ergo cube? Must I have some accessories? Because I have put all the box and some accessories on the garbage...
  4. Foy your information, my automatic door is shipped on mon monday
  5. Thanks to all for your answers. I bought the door and it is on way I know i can program it, but i tell myself that it could be a good thing if ie i look that my chickens are inside, put on a remote control for close the door since my home But it is details of course ! Thanks very much !
  6. I ordered it at april 18th and not shipping yet too It was indicated on may 8th when I ordered, so...
  7. Hi ! I bought the automatic door and wait it with impatiente ! Please, is in the roadmap to add a remote control ? I think it would be a nice fonctionnality Bests regards

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