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  1. I’m having a really tough time with my ex battery hens and feel everything is going wrong and I can’t help them one of my girls has been diagnosed with heart failure another an ovarian tumour (although with medication she’s managed to keep going for a year post diagnosis) another I suspect has EYP but will be confirmed by vet tomorrow, some of my girls are now 6 and elderly. I feel I must be doing something wrong.one of my girls however is seriously unwell and I have no idea why nor does my vet. She’s back tomorrow and I feel at the moment if I can’t find out what’s wrong and treat her the kindest thing to do will be to put her to sleep so she doesn’t suffer.she had a big squishy crop Sunday so I took her to the vets Monday who admitted her with sour crop. They managed to treat the yeast infection and the crop went down fully. On Wednesday they gave her a small amount of food which she tucked into no problem. Wednesday night they phoned me and said she’s stopped eating by Thursday she’s eaten nothing at all. Thursday night she’s stopped drinking. I said perhaps she is distressed from being away from home. Vets said they could find absolutely no reason why she was not eating. They said she had started to sway her head.on Friday I took her home to see if I could encourage her to eat, she started to peck at a few things but didn’t eat much. I also noticed she’s very wobbly and leaning forward and she occasionally looks up to the sky sways her head and looks like she’s totally glazed over.she stopped eating and drinking all together Friday night. Ive been syringing water every hour (1ml at a time not sure if this is enough). And I’ve tried absolutely everything to get her to eat to no avail. However yesterday I put her in the garden for some air and she started to gobble grass, this seems to be the only thing I can get her to eat. This morning she was pecking but about 3 inches above the grass so she was pecking the air, this has made me wondered if she’s lost her eyesight and could she have had a stroke? She’s passing a few stools and I’ve attached a photo. I love her so much but I do not want her to suffer I just have no idea what her symptoms mean and not does my vet. Any advice would be so much appreciated.
  2. Hi ive had ex battery hens for the last four years. I love my girls so much, I become very attached to all of them and I just love giving them a fresh start in life. However I’m struggling emotionally with how sick they can get and their short lifespan it completely breaks my heart. I’ve had all my girls for a minimum of two years from rescue so I know that they are already slightly elderly. ive lost two in the last 3 weeks, one to a tumour and one to peritonitis. I’ve just come back from the vet with one of my girls I’ve had for four years so she’s very old who is on borrowed time and another whose got a tumour. I’m so lucky as my girls have been so resilient and we have successfully treated a few peritonitis and health issues but now I’ve lost quite a few I was thinking of getting some more. I just don’t know if I can cope with the heartache of them having health issues and loosing them so soon after getting them and somebody mentioned pure breeds can live a lot long and be healthier. I would feel awful not having any ex battery but was considering having a mixture of ex battery and pure breed. Is this possible if so what pure breed would suit me best? I’m not bothered about eggs they are just pets. I also know pure breeds are often not vaccinated is this a problem if they will be with my existing girls ? also has anybody else struggled emotionally with loosing their ex batteries and the health issues they have. I’m very lucky I’ve got an amazing avian vet but I’m in there it feels nearly every month ! thanks so much

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