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  1. Hello, I think if you put the original feeders down it would be better, I would be concerned that a chick could get into a glug and drown , with regards to getting into the eglu at night oh don't worry they will do it alone, I just leave my door open and hav made a ramp into it with a thin piece of planking, the weather has got nicer so as long as there is a nice bit of straw in there they will be fine.. I put an old plastic tablecloth covering halfway down the run to keep the rain off.. Those eglus are murder to try and crawl into..
  2. Yeah I have the same sort of thing as you do, a lovely mix of everything and they are lovely all of them.. These are about 10 weeks old and the black one has already started trying to crow..
  3. Hey sjp, They are hybrids in that they are Naked Necked crossed with various others, there are also some pure Nakeds because I have two NN Cockerals in two pens one has pure NN females plus a few Polands, and the other is a true mixed bag, which is all the more exciting because I have hatched some Lavender Peking/Naked Necks which are so lovely.. I am having lots of fun with these as you never know what will pop out, but I get lots of people wanting them off me.. so thats good aswell.
  4. Today was hatch day... ! I got 9 out of 12... they are hybrid Naked Necks and there are two Sumatras amongst them aswell.. oh happy days Take a look on here they are so so gorgeous, note the blondie baldneck ahhhhh
  5. hmmm... I dont let my chickens fre range much anymore there are foxes in our garden who sit there sunbathing and even rest themselves by sitting on TOP of our coops, blooming nightmare!
  6. Hmm, such a shame, the Sumatras needing space ?.. what does that mean ?, do you need a farm or a place to let them free range?. I have put them in my incubator with my Naked Neck eggs and maybe it will be wise to sell them on..
  7. Hello everyone, does any one know anything about Sumatra Chickens, a friend bought me some eggs to hatch but I her that they can be aggressive, I won't hatch them if I cannot out them with my other hens, and does anyone know if as chicks they can be with other chicks as I would hatch them with other varieties.. thank you any help appreciated as they are sitting in a polystyrene box ready to put into a an incubator. Also I have Shamo eggs which I understand are the same x
  8. I found this In my British Hen Welfare Trust mag, Googled it and thought you might all be interested.. http://poultrykeeper.com/chickens/health/predator-mites-for-red-mite-control.html Very interesting product, I'd also be interested if any of you have tried it..
  9. Cheryl


    Oh thats wonderful... most backyard chickens are exposed to this or carry it. I have been doing a lot of research and conclude that it is almost impossible to avoid if you are likely to be buying in or taking chickens in from hobby breeders, also all those hatching eggs on ebay could be carriers. Best thing to do is accept the fact and be prepared for it, or only get your chickens from mico vaccinated flocks which means breeders of such poultry would be a very large organisation, as vaccinations are in packs of 1000 doses. My chickens are in two large pens, one who have been exposed and got over it, and others. All the same, I am very much more relaxed about it, and know exactly how to deal with it should it arise again
  10. Found this online and thought it was a very well balanced approach to us chicken owners who come across this problem, thought I would post it and ease a few minds. I had 8 of my chickens go down with this and have managed to keep it from coming back , I was very stressed and upset but my vet gave me some injectable antibiotics (TYLUVET), in case it returns, and taught me how to administer it. I keep chickens as pets, but have a separate large walk in run for my Baldnecks who are perfectly healthy, and the other run are a mixed bag who I enjoy for their eggs. Mycoplasma is very worrying but doesn't usually kill chickens if treated and they can live a happy life afterwards. I cannot think of how exactly my chickens were affected but it could have been a hundred ways, I have bought chickens off random people, I have bought eggs from ebay and there are lots of pigeons in my garden who are probably carriers. anyway here's some sound advice from Barling Poultry. http://barlingpoultry.co.uk/mycoplasma.pdf
  11. I've positioned them in such a way that the chicks can get under them and snuggle I bought them in the local charity shop
  12. My new Poland babies have cuddly toys they snuggle up to. the picture shown is with the brooder lid off, there is a nice and warm lamp that keeps them cosy...
  13. Thanks for that I have made a note for some reason here in London the vets are pretty useless concerning chickens, in fact three actually refused to treat them saying they 'just don't do poultry'.. I did find one near here in Winchmore Hill, called Village Vets, the vet there called Simon is a very very nice man and was excellent when I went to him with my very ill Myco-chickens...

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