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  1. Ok thanks. Hopefully it does sort itself out... I am worried. Good luck with the electric fence.
  2. We have 3 hens and since I last cleaned the coop 10 days ago we’ve had 3 eggs a day....except yesterday and today. Cleaning the coop today, there were 4 either shell-less or soft shelled eggs in the roost tray. That makes 2 days of someone laying more than 1 egg!? Our bluebell (started laying in August) often gives us double yolkers. Am thinking it’s her. She didn’t give us an egg yesterday or today yet, and is keen to stay in the nest box today. She hasn’t layed any soft shelled eggs before what I found today. We lost our first hen 10days ago (She was almost 18mths old), so I’m on very high alert with the girls at the moment. That poor girl was very prone to soft shelled eggs. Am still not sure what did her in. At first I thought she had a prolapse, then thrush and she was off food for about 10days. They have free access to oyster shells. Any thoughts or suggestions gratefully received.
  3. Perhaps, although, they all tuck in to it and are great at giving me "the look" when I don't top the food bowl up quick enough. I'm not that worried about it as she is healthy and happy. It's just puzzling me. If she starts moulting then that will answer the question, I suppose.
  4. Ok, thanks. Hadn't thought about moulting. She doesn't seem to be showing any signs of that happening yet though. I can't separate the food as they're all in 1 area. Funny that the growers pellets aren't affecting the other chicken.
  5. So, we have 4 hybrid hens. We bought 2x 21 week old chickens last Sept or so, then added another 2x 13 week old babies this June. The babies are now about 18 weeks old. I've been feeding them all growers pellets. They have free access to a bowl of grit and oyster shell and they free range. One of the older chickens has been laying reliably, the other one was having soft shelled eggs but has stopped laying eggs at all for at least 2 weeks now. The no-egg chicken is fine and healthy. She is still ticked off about the babies, but for the last few weeks has stopped evicting them from the coop at night. So, I don't think there's any stress causing this. I just can't understand why, for 1) the soft shell problem and for 2) the no-egg problem. She goes into the nest box and sits every day, but no eggs materialise. I've looked in all the bushes, no eggs there either. Is she just simply taking a break - they laid all winter? On the soft shell problem, I tried some of that shell improver powder - which they refused to eat even when mixed into their favourite porridge! Even although I still have loads of growers pellets left, I thought that perhaps I should trying moving them all over to layers pellets now. The babies are old enough at 18 weeks. Perhaps that's the missing link on the no-eggs freeloader?
  6. We have 2 hens, one of which has been broody for a week or so. I’ve just ordered some fertilised eggs for her to sit on....and have a few questions. Can I keep both hens in the Eglu cube? They’re best buds so don’t really want to separate them. The eglu is raised. Do I need to adapt it somehow to keep the chicks safe? I’ll fill the poop tray, so the chicks don’t fall through the bars, but anything else? I’ll need to sort chick food and water out. Where do I put it and what do I put it in? The chickens are currently free range. I suppose once the chicks hatch I’ll have to keep the run closed to mum and chicks, just let the other hen out? For how long though? Anything else I need to do or know to make things easier for the chicks and mum? Thank you!

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