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  1. Hello, I'm very sad today, I lost my 7-month Wyandotte yesterday and I can't figure out what happened. She was one of three chickens and everything has been absolutely normal for the past weeks. She was laying 3 to 4 eggs/ week, her last egg was Monday 24th. I first noticed something was different on Tuesday when she spent a lot of time laying (about 3 hours), I thought at first she was starting to get broody, but otherwise her behavior was normal. So yesterday morning, she came out of the coop with the others but was somewhat strange, not her enthusiastic self at feeding time. I noticed her bum was dirty, white and yellow, las if she had diarrhea. I left for work and when I got back in the evening she was in a shady corner hardly moving at all and there was some yellow liquid oozing from her vent. I bathed her with water, and looking closely to her bum, i thought it was too tender to the touch and she protested a little. I couldn't feel any egg, but right then she convulsed and died. It was awful because so unexpected and fast. What could have happened? Could she have eaten something that poisoned her, could it have been a stuck egg and I made it worse by bathing her? Anyway, it's my first experience with chickens, I've had them since May, but I got very attached to them. The other two seem fine for now, but it bothers me a lot just not to know what happened.
  2. Thank you cat tails, you are probably right. She seems to be doing better, even though she still wont come out spontaneously. When she is out, she is less eager to go back in ...
  3. So, Evelyne is still trying to go back to the nest. I closed it for the night and she was on the perch with the others, but she still won't come out spontaneously this morning. I had to go to work, and since the area is quite safe and well protected, I decided to lock her out of the pen with food and water. But I confess i do feel bad about it...
  4. Thank you, it is very reassuring. She does complain a bit when I take her out, but not aggressive, no. I'll try to block the nest tonight and see if she comes out in the morning.
  5. Hello, My Evelyne, an Orpington of about 7 months old, is not doing well. It's been a week now that she won't quit the nest. She has her bottom up, the vent looks clean though. I thought she might have an egg stuck ( I read some of the posts here) so I put some vaseline and tried to touch, but I don't feel a thing. I force her out twice a day and during her time out she's almost normal, she eats and drinks with my two other chickens and her poo is ok. She's not laying either, which is weird for her, but I imagine expected since she's acting so strange. Do you have any ideas? I don't have much experience and I dont know if I should keep forcing her out or not... Thank you
  6. Suzana

    Small eggs

    Thank you for your answer, i guess I'll just have to wait and see.
  7. Suzana

    Small eggs

    Oh, it is surprising indeed, I haven't really weighted them but I doubt they weight more than 20g... I was kind of hoping it was because she is still young...
  8. Suzana

    Small eggs

    Hello, I'm very excited because my almost 6-month-old Orpington laid her 2 first eggs this weeks. But they are really small, about half the size of a normal egg... Is this normal? Thank you
  9. Thank you. Actually, after a few days it gets better. The Orpington cheats and flies most of the way but the other two got the trick.
  10. Hi, I have an Eglu Cube and I've got my first 3 chickens ever, 3 days ago. They are 5 months old. (1 Sussex, 1 Orpington and 1 Wyandotte) Is it normal for them to have a hard time going up and down the stairs? Are there any tricks to help?

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