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  1. Hi, Im a pretty new chicken owner here. I have 3 chickens and one has just started laying(Yey) Aprart from their layer pellets and water, I give them grit and just leave it in a wee bowl. I also give them a handful of dried corn daily and as a treat mealworms. I obviously give them our leftover veg etc. I have nettex stuff which came in a kit and there is mineral boost vit boost + herbal gut conditioner are these items required and do we need to give them to our chickens? Thanks 😊
  2. Thanks so much! i will order tarpaulin and aubiose today 😀 how often does aubiose need to be changed? thanks!
  3. Thanks for your replies! 😁 My run Does not have a roof over the mesh top if I get clear tarpaulins and put this over the top and sides will it be ok to put aubiose down on the mud floor? I am desperate to fix this! thanks
  4. Hi, we have built a walk in run which I’m very pleased with but it’s turned into a mud mess so quick! The ground is not even so would be tricky to slab. I was looking online last night and seen that pine wood pellets laid down first then woodchips on top really helped the mud issue? I was thinking of doing this and wandered off anyone has tried? would woodchips work alone if I laid a good enough amount of them down? Has anyone had this issue and found an easy solution? thanks
  5. Hi, is it builders sand I put in the dust bath? Would just that on it’s own be ok? thanks
  6. Thanks! Where my walk in run is going to be placed, the grass is not even and not too far down in the soil if I try to level it, it’s rocky, so is there anything I could do as I don’t think laying paving slabs will be an option unless we hire a digger to level the grass/soil but that’s not an option at the moment. Thanks 😄
  7. Hi, if my chicken run gets muddy can I put aubiose over the top or would I need to prepare it with something first? thanks
  8. Thanks for your replies, it’s much appreciated! I have 3 chickens and we are having a walk in run built. I don’t think we will have more than 3 chickens, well not for a few years anyway. I don’t have a huge garden but I want something comfy for my chickens and easy to maintain for us and my children too 😊 I did like the fact that the go up was obviously off the ground! Good for the chickens and good for our backs too 😊 Its such a confusing decision. I go from thinking I have made up my mind to then changing it again!
  9. Thanks so much! I think it’s looking like a classic for me too! It seems a purchase I won’t regret! 😄
  10. Thanks for your replies! I am definitely going to look at the classic!!!
  11. Hi, im not sure this is the best forum to ask this but I’m just looking for advice or if anyone would recommend one over the other etc? I have a wooden coop but really want to get one that’s less prone to mites! I have been looking at eglu go, classic, greenfrog, Solway and arkus and I just get more confused! I have 3 chickens Advice and recommendations welcome 😊
  12. Thank you! That makes me feel better 😊
  13. Hi, im a new chicken owner to 3 hens and they are 20 weeks old. 21 weeks at the end of this week. I have noticed their combs are all pale on all 3 of them. They are happy and out the coop all day, eating, drinking and come over when I go to see them etc. When I let them out in the morning they all come happily out. could this be a sign they are like this due to not laying eggs yet? many thanks 😊
  14. This might sound like a really silly question, but.........do I use all the same cleaning products on the omlet eglu as I would a wooden coop? Thanks Heather

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