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  1. Thanks Patricia, mine do seem to prefer the smallholders too. Not as interested in the organic ones but Ive now made them in porridge which they gobble up
  2. Thanks Hippie chick that’s really kind of you. I went and got them anyway and they look pretty much the same size.
  3. Does anyone know if they are the same size please? My fussy chickens wouldn’t eat pellets at first but managed to get them to eat the smallholders crumble and then the pellets, which I bought by accident but the they ate as they are small. But I’ve now run out and can only get the organic ones near me.
  4. Thank , it will probably be a while before I work my way through this lot but will do .
  5. Phew! Thank you Mulkerhunter and AndyRoo. I’ll pick out the really big chunks anyway ... will be putting it down on Saturday.
  6. Newbie here again! I’ve just had a big builders bag of wood chip delivered from a local timber company. I checked it was natural and hardwood and no leaves but forget to check the size. Now that I’ve got it I can see that there are quite big bits in it. Does it matter? Obviously will take out the really huge bits but wondering about whether really has to be between 5mm to 30mm as I’ve seen advertised? It’s to go in the classic run and around it. Photo to show area it’s going in. Thank you
  7. I think that I need to get mine some peck toys. I have a wire ball thing that came with the Eglu - I’ll put some some treats in for them tomorrow. I gave them some grated carrot and cut half a courgette in half lengthwise for them which they loved! Ordered wood chip today and being delivered on Thursday - thanks for the advice everyone!
  8. Thanks Cat Tails, I’ve mixed together layers mash and pellets half and half for them. I think that they prefer the mash as tears what they had before and throwing out the pellets!
  9. That’s ok I thought you meant lawn 😂 that’s why I need a bigger fence 😉 just a question about the wood chip - my girls get their food all over the ground - if this is in the wood chip and not cleaned away will it attract rats etc?
  10. Thank you Cat Tails, we have clay soil here in Sussex so it’s rock hard at the moment. Thinking of moving the Eglu to the patio in the winter.
  11. Hello, thanks for having me in this forum! I got my Eglu classic from eBay last week and got my girls Nando and Nugget (not my name choice!) Yesterday and they are settling in very well. They are POL Goldlines/Highlines and very bold already try to get in the house! I have a couple of questions about basic house keeping please. TheEglu and run are on bare earth at the moment and I have a little bit of grass fenced off at the end of the run. I’m getting more fencing to give them a bigger area. Do I need to get wood clippings for the run floor or can I leave it as is? At leat in the summer. Also if I leave it like this or until I get wood chip do I clean out the poo every day? in the Eglu I have snowflake soft chip in the tray in the Eglu. Should I empty that out each day too? Any other tips for keeping the girls clean and happy would be greatly appreciated! 😀 TIA
  12. Hi all,just bought a second hand Eglu Classic and the Lid Locking Bar needs replacing (already ordered from Eglu). Has anybody changed one before? Does anyone have any instructions? Thanks

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