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  1. Thanks everyone, I'll take a look. They are getting frustrated at not being more involved and I definitely want them properly protected before they get too stuck in!
  2. We now have 4 hives (soon to be 5), and our 11 and 8 year olds want to get more involved in their upkeep. We'd like to get them the protective clothing but haven't found anywhere that sells them any less than about £60-£70. Does anyone know of anywhere else that sells kit like this reasonably cheap? The children are both shooting up in height, so I didn't want to spend a fortune, then face having to replace them in a couple of months! Thanks.
  3. Granted - but you'd soon remember why you didn't do it in the first place! I wish I hadn't had a blazing row with my husband on our anniversary, and am sat on the Omlet forum rather than going out for the day!!!
  4. Yep, we had a hen who was too posh to push too. Laid one weird twisty egg, then nothing ever again!
  5. Try contacting www.scancom.co.uk - they do repairs and have a good reputation.
  6. I always mend clothes - usually with the help of superglue, sellotape or staples as I am rubbish with a needle and thread, but that holds enough until I can ask my MIL to help with her superb needlework skills!
  7. I'd definitely speak to your health visitor. We had huge problems with our daughter when she was smaller and our HV really was wonderful. It took 3 visits from her to solve what we had been struggling with for over a year! Our daughter's behaviour was so extreme, our HV queried if she was on the autistic spectrum. Pleased to report our youngest is now a loving, well adjusted (if not a little high-maintenance!) 6 year old. Definitely take a look at diet too - our son is sensitive to colours E110, E104 and E102 which can be linked to hyperactivity and general bad behaviour. It can be found in sweets etc. Keeping an eye on his diet really helped. Hope things get sorted for you soon; really sounds like you are doing the best for your boy, so keep your chin up!
  8. I drank tea at a young age as my nan, being a typical Welsh matriach, had the kettle on all the time! My kids are 9 and 6 and have never really drunk tea. Our boy (9), loves green tea or liquorice tea and would probably drink builders brew if he was given it as an option. He really only has tea when he works with his grandad in the school hols. Our 6 year old girl has never been offered it, so not sure if she likes it or not...
  9. Yes, that's a good idea. We both work, so if I'm in the office I leave the house just before 9am, so on those days it won't work unless hubby can pop home lunchtime. Once I'm back from my work travels I am trying to work from home 3 or 4 days a week so I may start training them then. Thank you
  10. I hadn't thought of that! Our girls are very noisy if we don't let them out of the run first thing. I should be working from home tomorrow/Weds so will give that a go
  11. Our girls prefer to lay their eggs in the most inaccessible area of the garden, and it's a pain in the backside to retrieve them. How can I get them laying in the nest box again? There's no nasties like mites in the eglu, they are cleaned out regularly, and I have had two pot eggs in there for the past week.
  12. Please also be aware that Internet security companies are already tracking a high volume of spam and computer virus threats. Please don't click on any links sent to you, or on any sites unless you're 100% confident it's legitimate. What news to wake up to hey. Wonder if it will make much difference to 'the war on terror' or if Al Queda are so well established now, practically it won't have too much affect? The families of those killed or maimed in previous attacks must be having some mixed feelings today, will keep them in my prayers.
  13. We put black tarp over the eglu and leader run, and we shut our chooks in every night. It generally works for us but every so often, our biggest girl manages to bash open the eglu door and announces her presence until we let her out of the run. If you're very worried about the noise, try and get hold of an old horse blanket, and put that over the eglu (making sure the ventilation holes aren't covered) and then cover with dark tarpaulin or plastic, and that should help. I'd shut them in at night too.
  14. Oh poo, the link isn't working for me. Perhaps they've taken it down now due to demand
  15. I've been for a fish pedicure (talked into it) and thought the same thing as you, but the tanks are filtered so nothing yucky really stays around. It feels as though you've put your feet into a tank of bubbles! If you have very bad, dry and cracked skin, you would need lots of treatments at 30 mins a time, so probably not your best option if you're going for anything other than the novelty factor!

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