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  1. Think we need a new cat! Feeling reassured by all your mouse-friendly comments. Thank you.
  2. Thank you for your replies. We live in London so it's quite a suburban set up and I'm afraid I'm a bit of a townie when it comes to rats! But you're right, I love our chickens, it's absolutely amazing how quickly they have become part of our family and what individual personalities they have, I can watch them for hours! So I guess pest control if it all gets too much. The trough looks better to me as there's no place to hide 😱 but doesn't that also provide a running buffet for mice, especially as it's ground level? Do you worry about the odd bit of food in the woodchip?
  3. Thank you so much. We have been bringing the food in at night, it's the food amongst the woodchips that I fear is attracting them. I'll have a look at the treadle feeder but have a feeling I saw a horror thread with a rat INSIDE the feeder (I'd literally have a heart attack!) We do have a cat but she's 17 now and mainly observes the garden shenanigans from a comatose position, her mousing days long behind her.
  4. We purchased our three beautiful silkies three weeks ago - in the intervening time we have discovered one is a rooster (she/he crows loudly every morning!), one is blind and one is now broody and requires gauntlets to move her off the nesting box! Last night while enjoying a nice glass of wine in the garden I noticed something moving out of the corner of my eye and to my horror it was a mouse! I have a couple of questions.... 1. Our garden is now clean to within an inch of it's life and I propose blocking any access around the doorway into the alley but it's impossible to block up our garden completely, is there any other way that I can get rid of them? I don't really mind mice but i don't want them in the house and I definitely don't want rats! 2. Having discovered that Audrey is a boy, are two girls 'enough' for her? Would I see them mating or do they find a private corner? 3. Will my blind chicken be okay with a boy (she's not laying yet)? 4. I purchased hardwood chips for the floor of the run but around the grub container there is lots of spilt food - I would need tweezers to get it all out and in the meantime It's like a buffet for mice. Does anyone put anything underneath the grub container to keep it clean? Sorry, for so many questions. We are brand new to chicken ownership and I'm feeling somewhat out of my depth (and rather exhausted by Audrey's dawn chorus!)

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