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  1. Thank you for your answers. We still can't work out who is in charge. The point about "none wanted the role" might fit. One is very nervous (help there is a fly in the coop), one is so layed back and the third has never been well (vet suggested we might have to consider her place in the flock as she is having laying problems). They are so very different from one another but can't stand to be parted. If 2 are in the coop laying the other makes a fuss for being left all alone. We will watch with interest to see if things change when they get older.
  2. We bought 3 young hens in April (17 weeks at the time). They have never pecked each other, corn from the hand is taken by 3 heads simultaneously, no set sitting in the coop and if one fluffs up the others copy. Will this harmony last? Or have they got a pecking order that's not visible?

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