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  1. I cannot see an opposite hand bracket on the site. I could be missing it though? I also cannot see a location that would accept the existing bracket. I could take an angle grinder and cut the bracket but that would then require me to screw into the cube itself.
  2. I have a Cube Mk2 and auto door. The standard bracket allows installation on one side of the cube. Please see image. Due to its location in the run, I need to install it on the opposite side but, unless i'm missing something, the bracket will not allow this. Any ideas? Hopefully, I'm missing something simple.. Thanks
  3. Thanks for the advice. I've now ordered the 3x4m WIR. Only 6 weeks to wait..... 😊
  4. Close to ordering an Omlet WIR. 3m x 4m Will the roof support the hanging of a water container(s) or feeder?
  5. Beantree, What make of run is yours? The Omlet WIR, (that I'm considering) is the 3m x 4m , Actual span is 2.7 m x 3.6m.
  6. I haven't even ordered the run yet. i was trying to get ahead of the process and see what the build for the 'wider' run looked like. My main concern with the Omlet WIR is the three central poles, that support the roof. The other run i'm looking at is a wooden construction, sold by Flyte So Fancy, that version is self supporting with brackets and the possibility of s polycarbonate roof. The decision as to which I go for, is pending. So 4 to 6 weeks for either, that will give me plenty of time to complete the base,
  7. I've located several videos for the assembly of the Omlet 2x2x2 walk in runs. Does anyone know of videos relating to the larger runs? ie 3x3 or 3x4 . I.m particularly, interested in seeing the central support setup. I,ve seen the instruction booklet but a video may be clearer.
  8. Sounds like good advice all round. The area I have is pretty compact, I just want to be fair to the birds and have practical solution. So, I want to ensure that I size it right. If I require a larger or different coop, then knowing now would be good. It's certainly not going to pass any 'business' plan with cost of Eglu equipment as it is! It's looking like a Eglu Cube Mk2, a 3x4 m Walk in run (full access), with a further fenced area of 25m2 . So, a small number of hens in a relatively small space. I was considering 4 or 5 hens and was concerned that the internal space in the Cube Mk2 may be too restricted for 5. I'd seen multiple comments of over estimation of capacity of other coops in their adverts.
  9. My plan is to purchase an Eglu Mk2. I'm probably now considering question 100 when I'm still working on issue number 5! Inside the Mk2 model, the nesting area is separated with a panel with a sliding door. From what I can see, this differs to a previous model, where the area was open. What's your experience with this panel and door or a cube that is not segregated inside?
  10. Thank you for the feedback. In particular the usual re-homed hen sizes. That will help a great deal. I was aware of the capacity and Sq meter allocation. It's the internal capability of the Cube Mk2. I have no intention of 'squeezing in' or 'getting away' with, too many hens, particularly with this being my first coop. 8 was never a consideration. My hope is to give these hens a better life than they had. I should have been clearer in the question. I'll clarify, it was more about 'is it reasonable' to house say .... 4,5 or 6 re-homed hens. I just laid out a space in my lounge, based on the internal space of the Cube and I'm amazed 6 will fit, let alone the suggested 8!
  11. Hi, I'm looking at re-homing hens from the British Hen Welfare Trust. What is the realistic capacity for an Eglu Cube with that size of hen in mind. BTW, I'm not even certain that there is a standard size for hens from the BHWT? The Omlet web site states: "6-8 medium sized hens ... 4-5 large breeds " The run is another element, the size I have available is 3x4m, with the cube inside the run. Hopefully, someone will have done this before and can advise.

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