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  1. Thanks for the info. I can't build anything permanent now because garage is set to be torn down and rebuilt. We may found a way of incorporating a permanent cover / run when we do that. I'm imagining the chooks running for cover when it rains. They are so funny when they run. This morning was quite chilly and they initially refused to come out but were enticed by food. So, I will not worry so much about cold and set about dry proofing an area for them.
  2. Thanks guys! I worry about them so much, it's like having a baby - are they warm, are they hungry, are they happy? 😂 We got them originally for my 12 year old who loves all birds and is good at taking care of animals but now the whole family loves them. I was thinking of getting the extreme weather blanket for them as well but maybe not needed? My other plan was to built a roof off the end of the garage and put the coop under there so they could be dry.
  3. Hello! This is our first winter with our two Rhode Island Reds. They have an Eglu go up and two metre run. They have a nice fenced off area of the garden they wander in and we shut them in their run at dusk. We live in central Scotland and the weather doesn't usually go below -3C at the coldest. We have a big garage which has a back door onto the fenced off garden area. Should I move the whole coop and run into the garage in the winter? We don't have a car in the garage so they won't be bothered by fumes. We would let them out into their garden area in daylight hours. Or would they prefer their coop and run to be outside? I thought if the run was inside, it would at least be dry and sheltered from the wind. Thanks for your help!

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