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  1. It's out of the direct wind but still gets some wind. They now have the omlet weather protector cover and a tarpaulin the full length of the coop.
  2. Beantree attached is a pic of the coop. I have the insulated cover coming this morning. It also has a full rain cover on it now.
  3. They were outside during the day but the weather was better than it is now. The breeder advised I bring them in at night for another couple of weeks. Don't know what to do now.
  4. Yes they have been out during the day. At around 6.00 pm yesterday they went up the steps of the eglu and went into to the coop lol. One went and the rest followed. First time they have gone up themselves. But I bring them in at night due to being advised not to leave them out.
  5. Here are mine. Still think they are too small?
  6. Such different opinions it's confusing! Some people have told me they have put theirs out permanently which are younger than mine.
  7. So my babies are now just over 6 weeks old and wondered when they could stay outside permanently. I know it's turning colder but there's not much room in the brooder now and they are needing there space. They look nearly fully feathered to my untrained eye lol. Tia.
  8. Not seen any sexed ones for sale. May have to change my idea and just go for young pol's.
  9. Oh right sorry lol. Do breeders do that? Would have thought it was a case of you bought them it's your problem.
  10. I don't know anyone so I can't risk it.
  11. Oh yes I know they need heat etc. Already been looking into that. But the more I search the less likely it seems that I will be able to get what I want unless I change the breed I want to something that can be autosexed.
  12. So I would like to buy as young as possible chicks but need them to be female. How reliable are so called sexed chicks. From what I have read many breeds are not sexable until they are older say 16 weeks or so. I am mostly interested interested in warrens. Tia. Debbie.
  13. Thanks for that but unfortunately I don't know anyone who would be able to take them and I wouldn't want them to just go to anyone for fear of what might happen to them.
  14. I would like to raise my own hens but as I cannot keep cockerals where I am I cannot have hatching eggs due to not knowing the sex of the birds obviously. I would like to buy sexed chicks as young as possible to raise indoors to start with while they need heat. I preferably am after Warrens or very similar. Can anyone advise the best places to buy in the Yorkshire area? Have had a look around the internet but it's a minefield of people selling and I would rather have recommendations. Tia. Debbie.

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