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  1. It's definately a bald bit very smooth but didnt look sore or anything.
  2. Similar area to this chicken photo I found online. Mine isn't as far up as on this chicken though.
  3. I would say its kind of where the fatty crop part is I think if you know what I mean. I haven't noticed any feathers in the coop where they lay the eggs. I might be able to get photos tomorrow.
  4. So one of my chickens has developed a bald patch on her chest. I have checked her over and visually I cannot see any parasites. She seems healthy and lives with her 3 sisters. A couple of the others look a little rough on the chest too but not bald like her. There doesn't appear to be any bullying or pecking by the others, they all seem to get on well. Any ideas? I can of course take her to the vets but wanted to ask here before stressing her out with a vet visit.
  5. I keep getting these strange white marks on one of my eggs. It's usually the largest eggs laid so probably from the same hen. They don't come off when washed. They get a bit lighter but that's all. Any ideas?
  6. Yes it has a stable type door. I don't really want to go back to straw as, in damp weather, it literally lasts only 3 or 4 days. Well a lot to think about. Thanks everyone for your input.
  7. Oh right lol. No one else to do it. Just me and hubby. I can't do anything physical due to arthritis and hubby is 70 this year and I don't want him doing any physical work now.
  8. It will have to be paved due to the area just having pea gravel on it at the moment. It won't be easy to clean as it is even with a substrate over it.
  9. Nature wise they are fine. I don't see any evidence of bullying of anything like that. I guess as they have come from the same clutch and been together so long they seem to tolerate each other very well. They are are super natured friendly girls. As I said I can't extend anymore than the 1 metre extension. That will already mean I have to prepare a new area and have it flagged by professionals at a cost of roughly 200-300. I don't begrudge them it but if it's no good then there's no point in paying all that money out.
  10. So if I get the 1m extention run do you all think that will be enough. I can go anymore than that.
  11. I could try but knowing my luck there won't be anyone lol. I really want to get this job done quickly if I decide to keep the chickens as it's not fair on them if it's too small. They seem happy enough but they are easy to please. Doesn't make it right though.
  12. I don't have the room to extend the run where they are now.
  13. Thank you I appreciate your offer anyway. I think I have somewhere where I could put the coop and extend the run but it would need flagging and that with the cost of the new run would be quite expensive. I reckon it would cost a couple of hundred to flag the area to put the coop on.
  14. Hey don't be silly. You weren't the only one to recommend it. You were all trying to help I appreciate that. As I said it really is better than the straw. It lasted longer before it got yukky. I was originally only going to get 3 chucks but the lady I got them from brought the last 4 out to me in a box and I didn't have the heart to separate them.
  15. I couldn't choose. I live in Yorkshire.
  16. Sadly I don't have room for an extension otherwise I would have gone bigger anyway. And they aren't inside constantly they do get some out time in the garden weather permitting which admittedly isn't a huge amount at the moment. But yes they do spend more time Inn the run than out. Maybe my best option for them is to get them to a new home with someone who can offer them more space. I didn't mean for them to end up like this.
  17. I went by what they said would fit which was 3-4 large chickens. But I do think as you say it is pushing it a bit but sadly I can't part with any now. I brought them up from 5 days old they are my babies.
  18. I know I am disappointed too. As I said it does last longer than the straw but at the cost I don't know if it will be worthwhile using the wood chips. I don't how you all get it to last so long.
  19. Hi, sadly it doesn't seem to be living up to expectations. Been down a couple of weeks but already parts of it are wet through smelly. I know the worst part is where they stand mostly for their food and water. It is still better than the straw I had down but at least that was cheaper.
  20. Looking through some older threads some people said that Auboise can have some small sharp pieces and their chickens have had damaged feet from it?
  21. Anybody use this and can recommend it?
  22. I have noticed that some of my eggs whites are quite watery too. Any reason why?
  23. I understand what you are saying. I am just trying to make things easier for myself having arthritis and comfortable for the chickens too. Hopefully I will get there with the wood chips. I will get to enjoy them once I am happy with the substrate and this cold weather goes away lol.

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