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  1. Does the johnsons anti peck spray work?Have you had success with it for feather eaters? thanks for your help fran
  2. Hi i only have 3 chickens and so am reluctant to buy huge quantities of these items.SO i was wondering if anyone had any they were willing to sell to me? I have one very naughty feather eater who isn't really bullying just has got a bad habit. She already has a bumper bit on and still manages to pull the feathers of the others off!SO i thought a very nasty taste might do the trick. I am not sure if this is the correct forum for this but it seemed the best one. many thanks fran
  3. yes mine are noisy in the mornings but not every morning.Varies from 6 am onwards.I am finding it quite stressful. i have to sleep with earplugs in at night because even if they are quiet i think i hear them!! Covering up with tarpauline is a good idea too. It is the worst thing about them i wish i had known they would be like this.I do feel the information given on this site is not entirely representative of most chickens. I think most chickens are noisy but mostly only in the mornings-obviously less noisy than a cockerel but still noisy enough to wake me up.
  4. mine just hide in the bushes whilst i mow
  5. thanks thats very helpful of you! i have been told i don't need the thicker black bits only the spout bits which i have already fitted but i was just curious to see what the other bits should look like on as mine came with no instructions.
  6. apparently so i didn't know that either! but that is what the lady at omlet told me today!
  7. I have just been sent two retro fits-one for a mark 1 cube(didn't know i had a mark2!) and one for a mark 2 cube.I have fitted the "spout" retro fit for my mark2 cube .But i am wondering where and how the retro fit bit fits ontothe mark1(if you bought it earlier than march 08 i think it might be a mark1) so can someon take a photo of their retro fit on the cube please? thanks
  8. have had same problem cure=cover backof cube with old groundsheet which blocks out the light making sure it covers sides and back(and shut door at night).They now wake up at 6.30 -7.30 ish onwards which i can cope with not the 5am i was having . I think the cube transmits a lot of light through the grey plastic panels.
  9. if you work out the maths the eglu proper has actually MORE ground run space than a 2m eglu cube run has!
  10. i am STILL waiting! theres a song in there somewhere over the rainbow ...maybe thats where my retro fit has gone?! I have only been waiting 4 weeks anyone had to wait longer than that?
  11. its probably a very good job that its not available in the usa till next year they would sue the pants off them if they tried to sell the current cube over there.
  12. my cube leaks and it was put together by on of the omlet bosses.I would wait and see if they bring out a mark two cube without leaks or gaps.
  13. just to clarify my cube has been put together by one of the omlet bosses himself and it still leaks and there are rather too large gaps on either side of the rear panel and i am still wating for my retro fit to arrive. Maybe i am the 1 percent they talk of!
  14. and if so what make have you got and do you like it?I want a deep waffle maker but dont want to spend money if its not going to be any good! thanks

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