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  1. Hi Greengravy, did you get one? I’ve got a classic eglu, 3m run, grub, glut, and other bits. I’m in Cheddar, Somerset. I’d like £180-£200 for it.
  2. Hi Oliver, have you found one? I’ve got a classic eglu, 3m run, grub, glut, some food, sawdust, and other bits. I’m in Cheddar, Somerset. I’d like about £180-£200 for it all.
  3. I have a classic green eglu, with 3m run, a grub, a glug, a cover but not the original one (this is part of an old sail), and has the original wooden slats inside. Also, a part bag of layers pellets, some sawdust, and various treatments. My last chicken died of old age, and I’m not replacing them. The eglu is about 12 years old, and has faded a little. I used a bigger water trough, which is also available. A much loved eglu, and I’ve had hours of fun with my chickens over the past 11 years. Pictures can be sent if required. I’d like £250 ono for everything, but open to sensible offers.
  4. I’ve got an eglu classic, 3m run, grub and glug containers, cover, and some food and straw, plus other odds and ends, if you’re interested? I live in Cheddar. Want about £230 for it all. Colour green.
  5. I thought of worms, so I have dosed all of them now. It is a hardish lump, and I'd guess it hurts her - but only because she wriggles and complains when I move feathers and handle it. She sits with her head down lower than her bum, and although she does follow the others around, isn't very enthusiastic. She's always been talkative and running to meet me until now - and I miss it!
  6. I have a faverolle - called wol - who is looking sad. She has a lump about the size of a gobstopper immediately above her vent, I know it's not the preen gland, she has dirty and smelly feathers below the vent. She is eating and drinking, I don't think she is laying yet, and she would be about 5-6 months old. Any idea what the lump might be?
  7. Does anyone keep chickens and bees together - well in the same garden? I have 4 beehives, and want to keep chickens. My garden is about 70 foot long, and 20 foot wide, with 2 greenhouses and a trampoline in it (don't trampoline when the bees are flying over it!!). Do bees sting chickens? The chickens would be kept in the run most of the time, and it would not be immediately next to the beehives.

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