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  1. Hi Patricia, We have had our Cube for 5 months and it has experienced 0 - 38C so far with no sign of stress to the plastic. I do not know long term but we plan to keep ours under the deciduous Jacaranda in summer. We ordered through Omlet Australia in early March and it arrived in late June. I suggest you contact them, prior to ordering, to find out the expected delivery time. The delivery expected day, may be next to the product on the Australian website. Thanks for the advice re the extreme weather jacket. I only bought the half one, not the one that covers up the back ventilation and I will use it with care.
  2. Thank you for your lovely comments. The structures in the background are raised garden beds. They are made by a water tank company, to our specification thus the corrugated steel and the waterproofing inside. They are quite common in Australia. My husband and I constructed the coverings over the top, from what we could find at the hardware store. It consists mostly of aviary wire, steel and wood frame and aviary wire gates. We need to keep out the multitude of birds large and small, possums, blue tongue lizards, skinks, mice etc but let the bees in
  3. Hi everyone We are new to the forum My husband and I live in suburban Sydney, Australia We had been researching Chicken coops for 3 years and decided that Omlet’s Eglu cube Mk2 with coop light and automatic door was exactly what we wanted. Although just as we ordered it Covid 19 happened so it took another 3 - 4 months for the set up to arrive. The cube is situated under a mature Jacaranda tree with raised garden beds nearby. The chickens have access to parts of the garden for foraging and dust bathing and a section of the large lawn. We bought… Eagle Cube Mk2 with 3m Run and Wheels - Perfect for 3 chickens, amazingly easy clean!! 2m Combi Cover for Eglu Cube - Fantastic for shade for summer and winter sun without rain. (see pics in Summer and Winter position) Windbreak for Eglu Cube Mark 2 - Fantastic for winter and August winds. Automatic Chicken Coop Door with coop light - We would not be owning chickens without this door. Omlet chicken perch - Head chook loves this Extreme Temp blanket with bungees - We live in a hollow with frost in winter. Pendant peck toy - Our girls love their treats in this. Caddie Treat holder x 2 - Perfect for kitchen scraps on rotation. We had never owned chickens before but had done a lot of research before buying them . We used golf balls to teach them where to lay and this worked a treat. Our family loves Star Wars so our Hyline Brown chickens are called........ ChuBokka Hens Solo Princess Layer We have also call the Eglu Cube either - Jabba the Hutch or Jabba’s palace!! We also love taking photos…so here are far too many.... and out of order.... but I'm sure you will figure it out! Cheers Helen (and Ron)

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