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  1. I have 2 hens and have just witnessed one of them wait outside the nesting box whilst the other was laying. The second number 2 had laid her egg, number 1 grabbed it, ran off and snaffled it shell first in almost a single gulp. Poor Daphne did not know what had hit her. Scooby does not eat her own eggs, which she lays earlier in the day. Is this just a matter of putting a golf ball in there to deter any future efforts or should I try and keep Scooby out while Daphne lays? Any advice very welcome, thank you. PS. They have plenty of calcium in their diet as I give them extra with their pellets.
  2. I'm using the 1% and dosing as per instructions. It has all the hallmarks of Gapeworm - gulping, head shaking etc and she has responded to treatment for the same symptoms with Flubenvet previously. Not been to the vet yet.
  3. Thank you. I'm at a loss then, as I have been worming with Flubenvet but it keeps coming back and this time the Flubenvet seems to be making no difference. If anyone has any experience or ideas that might help I would be very grateful.
  4. Daphne has gapeworm again. The hens have been getting it on and off since I got them in February, despite being regularly wormed with Flubenvet and all other precautions I have always taken with previous hens - moving the run, retreating, disinfecting etc. She is going downhill quickly and I am wondering whether Ivermectin can be helpful in cases like this? If so can I buy and administer myself in theUK? I am at a loss as to what to do to get rid of this persistent pest.
  5. I did. She has gone downhill today. It is gapeworm for sure - it has been recurring since I got the hens in February and I know the signs of old from having hens previously. Each time I treat with Flubenvet and I move the run regularly, disinfect etc so am at a loss at what else to do but I am wondering whether there is a super -wormer I can get to blitz this recurrent pest and save poor old Daphne.
  6. My ex-bat has suddenly stopped laying and is shaking her head more than usual. We have been back from holiday a couple of weeks and she didn't lay when we first got back but I figured that was just the disruption of coming home. Laid a couple of eggs after a week or so then nothing more. Before that she was laying most days. Not sure if the head shaking is connected. Have been wormed, deloused, poultry spice in food and ACV in water as always. Any ideas welcome, thank you. If she is at the end of her laying life that is fine but if she's poorly I'd like to help her.
  7. Thank you. I am won over. I shall remove the membrane where I have the run and put wood chip down.
  8. Thank you all. The run is covered with an Omlet see-through cover which doesn't quite meet the bottom so water does get in. I had hardwood chips before - there is no reason why I can't have them again, especially if I lift the membrane and put them on earth. It's just that the run is on what is part of a gravel pathway that I have consigned to the chickens. Would hardwood chip be better than gravel do you think?
  9. I would be grateful for advice...have 3 chickens in an eglu who free range much of the day. Their round is on gravel which has a membrane underneath. Previous chickens I have had have lived on earth covered in woodchip but my new garden won't accommodate that. I've only had them a few weeks and already, despite daily hosing down, the gravel is sludgy. The food they chuck out of the grub doesn't help....am I on a hiding to nothing having this setup and should I a). remove the membrane underneath in order for drainage to improve or b) do something else? I'm just wondering whether it is the gravel or the membrane that is the problem or both? Many thanks in advance.
  10. Yup, sounds familiar...picked up DD2 and friend at 7.30 from station, have been washing and tent drying ever since while she slumbers...gather it was a success despite the rain.....that's it for my 2 for this year....between them they have done a fair few this summer so am looking forward to a break from the smelly rucksacks arriving home!
  11. had a call from DD2 this morning asking if I could pick them up from the gig at midnight as they were going to watch Eminem but not camp as they had no dry clothes and could not face camping in the rain again...I said yes...then at lunchtime a further call saying they were all feeling better and would be getting the train and could I pick them up at 6.30 from the station.......think she has had 5 hours sleep over the first 3 nights....in some ways I am glad I am not 17 again!
  12. Leeds is underwater. DD2 ill and sleep-deprived in extremis but determined to stick it out. We go on a family break the day after she gets back so I want her to come home and recuperate!
  13. My daughter texted this am to say mega storm overnight, tent flooded, everything soaked but very happy and all in the spirit of adventure! I choose not to dwell on how I would feel. They bounce when they are that age!

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