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  1. Thank god I'm not the only one suffering from this. I swear that if my ladies weren't already supplying me with wonderful eggs every morning, I would say they were blokes. The noise kicks off at around 6am where I bleary eyed make it to their cube and open their bedroom door. That subdues them for an hour or so (if I'm lucky) and then the noise really kicks off. The cube is also situated practically under our bedroom window and I'm worried that the neighbours will complain. I already have a s"Ooops, word censored!"s for manure/eggs situation going on and that's still continuing so hopefully they don't mind or can't hear the chicken dawn chorus. Things is, I'm pregnant and not sleeping well as it is and have to put up with kids wandering in to my room at 4am telling me its morning followed by the chickens at 6am. I'm off to the toy shop to get a water pistol (if I can't find one up in the kids rooms!!) I'm so pleased I'm not alone. Thanks for allowing me the opportunity to rant.
  2. Just thought I'd let you know that all four chicks hatched this morning ... I can't work out how to add photos here, but photos are on my blog http://eglusitting.blogspot.com/
  3. check this out - i might have to get some http://www.mypetchicken.com/Diapers___Saddles-Chicken_Diapers-P352.aspx
  4. just to let you know that one has fully hatched ..... it (probably he) is stumbling around the incubator climbing over the other three eggs who all have their heads poking out but seem to not want any effort at the moment..... (must be boys).
  5. hi - I'd love to let my chickens into the kitchen, but like others here, find the idea of scooping poop in the house a little off putting. The idea though of scooping chicken poop from the garden just makes me want to sit down with a stiff drink! Its bad enough scooping the poop from the dogs (one of whom insists on doing his business right where I walk to let the hens out or put them to bed - I have to go with an extra brigtht torch now otherwise my slippers have to be replaced ...... dogs LOVE dark chocolate don't then??). I have bark chippings where the Cube and Eglu are located and rake it over now and then just to help break the chicky poo down. I do sweep down the patio etc early on a Saturday morning before husband goes out in daylight and realises what a mess it is! I am offering it to friends/family as fertiliser ......... and what doesn't get taken away gets put on to my compost heap. Anyway - must get back to the incubator, my chicks are chirping away and pipping has commenced ....... I need to get clean towels and start boiling the water!
  6. Hi there - welcome! I seem to recall that the Omlet shop has some "securing pegs". Pretty much like tent pegs, used around the "skirt" area to secure the run to the ground - I think its meant to stop things slipping down slopes or something or did I perhaps dream that! I have three gingernuts and two pepperpots of my own and I'm currently chickensitting a pepperpot as well. My pepperpots are fab jumpers - but down rather than up. All the brood love the woody area in my garden and thoroughly enjoy having dust baths. Don't do what I did though and panic when your hens have their first dust bath. I screamed and grabbed my husband as I thought the hen was having a fit or "death throw" after being "had" by a cat. My husband laughed his socks off and told me she was having a dustbath. Well, how was I to know! We have three cats (one of whom thinks its uncool and unnecessary to "chase" possible food when it is supplied with perfectly good stuff by us). When the chickens first arrived, one of the cats thought they'd "have a go". Thing is, the cat had only seen one chicken. The cat almost froze mid-air pounce when it realised there were infact several chickens. The cat has steared clear since. The other cat is a kitten and goes in the cube and curls up asleep with them and I have to turf him out at bedtime. He also eats the treats. We have two dogs and one of them isn't bothered in the slightest but LOVES slurping up the chicken poo! and the other is only interested in the hens when they're in their run. When the hens are loose, he's too scared to try anything - besides he's had his nose pecked once or twice and has learnt! The goldfish doesn't know that the chickens exist. Gosh - what a lot of waffling - its like my whole life story! Enjoy your chooks - you'll wonder why you didn't get them sooner !
  7. Hi - just thought I'd add that my new Cube does not appear to have a water leaking in problem - the nesting box is dry (apart from the chicken poo etc that collects in there as the ladies like to sleep in there all huddled up!) The only thing I find a little annoying is the size of the run door - if only it could be a little taller..... I find it hard to get the super glug in at the right height (for the chooks to use the water nipples). The fact that you can jack it up on wheels is great ..... though try and make sure there are no loose hens in the run whilst you're wheeling it around!! Enjoy!
  8. I bought my girls a cube because they were sitting on top of each other in the MrkII Eglu. Now, they are all sitting on top of each other (I have five ladies) in the nesting box in the Cube and doing all their "business" in there - consequently, the roosting bars are pristine, the poo trays are empty and the eggs they produce are totally and utterly covered in poo. Which is fine - but I'm now cleaning out the nesting box every day and replacing with shredded paper/hemcore and wondering if this is normal. When they go to roost, should I put something up against the hole so they can't all sneak into the nesting box or should I just find something else to obsess about?
  9. Hi - I'm waiting for my registration to come through for Forum, but urgently need to PM two advertisers .... is anyone on Omlet forum also registered for forum? If so, could you PM these two advertisers for me? Thanks
  10. I honestly didn't think I'd consider rearing free range chickens for the table - but it feels like the next step. I was very wary of posting this subject on the Omlet site as I didn't want to offend anyone but what with the HFW programmes earlier this week .... Anyway - yes, will gladly post again in the future when the freezer is stocked and let you know pros/cons
  11. I've decided to go ahead. I've sourced a brooder which is fine but I just need to decide on breed! ixworth? Dorking? Sasso? Bronze which do you go for ? Do you keep them in the Eglu's ? How many do you go for at a time - I have two freezers.......
  12. So - how long do you actually rear the chickens for before dispatching them? I know the HFW programme was talking less than three months old for the intensive farmed birds - but how long until you end up with a bird that's ready for the oven and weighing in at 2kg oven weight? What age do cockerals start to crow too! Also - what concerns me is how do I house day old chicks and how many do I go for seeing its just really for my family? More questions and despite lots of googling, I still can't find the answers I'm looking for!
  13. So - how did you do it? I know its sounds like a daft question - but did you have day old chicks or older - what breed? How many? etc etc Did it work out financially too - my OH wants to know if its financially viable
  14. no, that's not me in the avatar - although I often feel like that! I want a really cool chicken related one but can't find one suitable!

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