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  1. Hi there, how much is the 2x2 walk in rabbit run? Thanks! Scarlett
  2. Hey everyone I’m new to the forum and have 4 sweet little guinea pigs and 2 lovely rabbits. They currently have a wooden 6ft double story hutch, a BRILLIANT (highly recommend) Omlet zippi tunnel and a 4ft run. We would love to make it safe for them to run around at night wherever they please and know that they will be safe. We have loads of foxes around (14 of our ducks eaten) and so it would really need to be preadator proof. Is there any products y9u can recommend? Also is the eglu go worth spending so much money on? My daughter has been saving up for about a month and I’m not sure if it is practical to spend so much money on... also they seem to love their house at the moment! Thanks Scarlett

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