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  1. Ladies, a very belated thanks for all of your replies! Will have a look at tarpaflex. I really hope omlet try and do something about this as at least for me, climate change is going to mean increasingly wet periods. It’s such a nice looking run otherwise. Wish little Pumkin luck for winter! :L
  2. Hi everyone, I’ve been scouring the net for answers for months. I have spent quite literally a fortune on a cube and walk in run, including a few gutter edge covers. After a few snatching incidents top security was paramount. However, the reality of torrential, endless Scottish rain is very true, and my run is still almost completely drenched after a good downpour despite being in a sheltered corner. The gutter edge works fine, but the water then just runs right in (like a stream) from the bottom parts. I’m reluctant to spend yet another £100 on more covers to still have the same issues. Thinking of trying to build an additional roof structure with decent guttering. Has anyone done this, or had success moulding ondulin panels to the current structure? the run is 2x4m, on a slabbed surface with added drainage gaps, and covered in wood chips. The drainage is less of an issue, it’s the dry area I’m after. Pumpkin the grumpy wee pekin would be ever so thankful for anyone’s advice. Her Orpington sisters really couldn’t give a toss. Many thanks!

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