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  1. Awww she looks all grown up!! Love the last photo, Maisy only ever does that pose for a few seconds and then rolls her bum over to the side. Its surprising just how long bodied lurchers are when you see them like that. Ruby you are a very pretty girl.
  2. Really sorry to hear about poor Ruby, hope the meds soon start working and she is back to her usual self, it is horrid to see them ill. Have been off the forums for a few months and had probs logging in as changed my email account (and forgot to inform Omlet! ) so have been unable to post but I have been reading everyones news and thinking of you all.
  3. Agreed. So beautiful to see the two of them together.
  4. Awww butter wouldn't melt! She's gorgous.
  5. Just remembered, Maisy has two tags, the second one says "I am identified by a microchip, scan me" That was given to us from the rescue. Useful for me as the two tags jangle together which means I can hear her when she is exploring in the undergrowth.
  6. Maisy's tag has mobile number on one side and landline number and our surname, (which could be read as her name) on the other side. She will need a new one soon as it is wearing thin where the hole is and the engraving is getting difficult to read.
  7. It was very yummy, it had Baileys, Kit Kat, raw cabbage and carrot and it was delicious!!!
  8. That really is wonderful news. Well done to your son, you sound very proud and rightly so.
  9. I agree Lesley, at the demo it made hot soup, ice cream, turned rice into flour, the guy demonstrating was chucking in whole oranges (peeled) etc and it was turning it all to a smooth pulp within seconds! He even threw in a whole Chunky Kit Kat with Baileys to make a delicious smoothie.....at which point I nearly weakened and bought one!! Iwescott, your right about it depending on how much it would be used. I think I would use it a lot aswell. Thanks for your comments and the link.
  10. I saw one of these demonstrated yesterday and it was seriously impressive! Was wondering if anyone owns one and if so, is it worth the expense? (£380 at the demo ) Would be really interested to hear others thoughts. Thanks in advance
  11. That is just too cute for words! Having had the pleasure of visiting your garden, I can picture how cute he would have looked. Glad Oscar's leg is improving.
  12. Not had experience of Botox but have lots of experience of squint surgery. Had surgery as a baby/young child and then in my mid 30's the squint returned. Saw one Consultant at the eye clinic who suggested Botox injection, explained it only lasts 3 months, etc. On the day of the proceedure, a different Consultant said Botox would not help at all and I should opt for the surgery. Two attempts at surgery and the squint has been straightened and (fingers crossed) has stayed straight for the past 9 years. One thing I was told that unless the brain and eye connect together by about age 5, they will never connect, as the brain switches off the connection to that eye. My brain never made that connection so correction of my squint has always been for cosmetic purposes only. My understanding is that there are different degrees of squint so what works for one person may not for another. I wish your son all the best with whatever treatment you choose.
  13. So sorry to hear about Maisie and Bracken. Thinking of you both.
  14. Only just seen this, so very sorry to hear the sad news about your gorgous girl Ruby.

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