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  1. Well so far none of the eggs hatched, Me really upset light crack on one from me by mistake day 13 then I managed to put tape and candle wax on it to seal it then back under the girls about a week just under it had got more cracked by girls as they seemed to like to eat the wax - smelt bad so had to remove the egg thought I would look in the egg and a cute little chick was forming so upsetting my fault for that egg so am down to the two eggs, tried to candle eggs not so easy in day managed to do later bit darker candled eggs and can see chicks in there but now day 35 so late not sure they are going to hatch at all so upsetting stress full, I have got the chick food not sure whether to get some more chicken eggs try again? any thoughts with the girls so want the eggs to hatch I know the girls got up once or twice a day for food and drink, poop and a dust bathe - would it be something they done or me to why they haven't hatched
  2. will be interesting to see them when bigger to their colour - I guess the maran is more dominant black colour nice how they have different ways
  3. I would say Pippin is a boy picture 1-3 and merry a girls they look so cute still - so much bigger than before - will they be large chickens
  4. Thank you want to be prepared for the eggs to hatch - that is good I guess that means that mummy teaches the chicks to eat
  5. Do you have a picture of your set up? trying to sort mine out more
  6. Really oh such a small comb on head - is it not just shoutling my females do occasionally
  7. I live in the south in hampshire and have a vet there that looks after chickens search pet doctor chickens
  8. Went and picked up 3 eggs now under the broody chickens, the person said hatching about 19 days
  9. Hello all I went and managed to get 3 eggs for a white silky chicken and have now put them under the 2 broody hens I gave the coop and run a good clean out first It was just after 12 lunch time yesterday - so I guess today counts as day one?
  10. I did not think about eggs not hatching, Did you give the eggs to the chickens straight after getting them? and did they hatch out after 21 days I am going to pick up some eggs
  11. looks like a girl to me so beautiful - what breed is it love the colours
  12. Will the other bantams not be able to be in the house with them I have 4 bantams all together in one house with run then free to run around plot when we are there Do not all eggs hatch out then I thought they would, any males will go to another house rehome them if I can
  13. Hi I have two broody bantams and going to get some hatching eggs for them thinking of going to get 2 one for each but how many of your eggs have come out as hens Is it good just to go for 2 eggs and hope they are both going to be hens or get more eggs? and how many help any advice needed first time doing this
  14. Beautiful chicks thankfully it worked out well - I have a cream legbar chicken so similar to yours in colour lays light green eggs, I have bantam chickens that are broody 2 of them and I am going to get eggs for them, thinking 2 eggs hope that would work out they hatch to be girls, unless it is best to get more eggs any thoughts how many to get? first time to try and hatch eggs where abouts are you? to get chicks near by

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