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  1. I've got them on the grass currently. Thinking it's better for them having a rummage and what not. Though I've heard people recommend slabs with woodchip over. What do you think is best & most practical?
  2. I find it difficult to align the door up to the holders which you slide the locking pin through. When unhooked from the holders the doors are wonky slanting down. I'm not sure if this is usual or I've just not installed the run correctly. I'll try take a pic tomorrow.
  3. I've got 5 Silkie chicks that are 1 week old and I'm getting an eglu with run to house them. My question is. If I let them free range in my back garden would I then have to treat the entire area they free range in as potentially infected with salmonella? I only ask as I play with my 3 year old in the back garden and it wouldn't be possible to do so if I had to take such precautions.

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