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  1. Hi - I started keeping bees just over a year ago with one Beehaus - now I have four!! There is a quite a bit to learn, but there are great Facebook groups - e.g. Beehaus Beehive, Stewart's Beeking Basics - and numerous helpful videos. It is truly fascinating and intriguing to learn about bees, their lifecycles, etc. Tasting your first honey will be a real treat! I found the Beehaus very easy to use - it's the right height, the guide book is amazingly helpful and everything is easy to clean. My key learnings are: * don't have a colony in each half as one half is needed for swarm management as, like me, you will need to split when the colony expands * strapping the supers together can help eliminate any gaps that might attract robbing and / or wasps * you will buy endless amounts of kit * you will become obsessed, but very enlightened and happy
  2. Hi - there is a specific Beehaus Facebook group - Beehaus Beehives - that I find very helpful. Leaving off the QX until the bees have started to draw out the comb is one solution. Putting a feeder on a clearer board above the super also helps.

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