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  1. Do individual Japanese quail always lay the same coloured eggs? I have six new birds. Yesterday I woke up to three eggs with brown speckles and today three blue and one with brown speckles. Can I assume that they are all laying and three lay speckled and three blue? I thought one was a boy, but not so sure now...
  2. I have four silkies, which I bought as pullets 15 months ago. After some initial bickering they settled into a pecking order with the red one very clearly the boss. Until now they have all lived together with no drama. Last week I started to notice a lot of feathers in and around the run. I then noticed that one of the chickens was attacking the red chicken who used to be the boss, to the extent that she was clearly scared. After a couple of days it all settled down and the aggressive chicken now seemed to be the boss, but there were still a lot of feathers around. Today I noticed that t

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