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  1. Just today I noticed that in my eldest chickens poo there were these tiny worms they were super duper tiny. But there were a few wriggling around. We wormed the ladies a month ago. And then recently my dad got worming pellets instead of regular pellets. So they are now being wormed again for no apparent reason. So they should definitely not have worms, right? So what are these tiny worms in my hens poo? Can someone please respond ASAP
  2. Thank you 😊. The place that we got them from wormed them and gave them all their vaccinations. Also when we got them we gave them DE powder in their food. It kills all internal parasites, and worms them. And it’s very nutritious for them. Thank you for your advice
  3. We had the new hens in their new enclosure and we had our pre existing hens outside in a fenced off area. So that they can see them. Suddenly two of my hens, Maisie and Lola started to get really excited. So after some ole I let them in. And to my astonishment my three existing gems huddled in a corner scared of the new hens. They were scared because they have never seen a grey chicken. The next day, we just saw a lot of chasing a round. Especially from our 2yr old chicken.
  4. They have been in their new home since 12am on Saturday
  5. I just got two new speckledy hens that are 25 weeks old and they are sisters. I really hoped that they would get along with my 7yr, 6yr and 2yr old ex battery hens. But I haven’t seen any sign of them getting along in the slightest. My ex battery hens just seem to chase the speckledy hens at any opportunity. I even have a separate small place where Dolly and Daisy( the two speckledy hens) sleep!! What should I do to improve their behaviour with one another?
  6. I’m thinking of getting 2 more chickens, I was either going to Get 2 speckled chickens or one speckled and one bluebell chicken. I have heard great things about speckled chickens being really friendly. I’m just not so sure if bluebells are very friendly. Could an experienced bluebell owner please tell me if they are a Friendly and docile breed?

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