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  1. How interesting! And reassuring to know someone else who is having this problem! There have been so few bright days recently, I do wonder about the Vit D deficiency and also with avian flu meaning they are in all of the time... bring on spring!
  2. Thanks everyone, this is all really helpful. Annie (silkie) and I did visit the vet earlier today as I am concerned by her loss of condition. She is now on a course of baytril to help with any secondary infections she might be fighting. I am aware this might not work but hopefully might give her a bit of a boost. Very interesting reading about all the grit suggestions- i have just been onto clare Taylor's fabulous website to order some gastro grit and will break the oyster shells up a little smaller in the meantime. Fingers crossed this should all help her to put on some weight and start laying hard egg shells again. She is a fiesty lady so hopefully she will get stronger!
  3. Thank you that's really helpful! I did wonder about lack of vit D due to being in their run all the time at the moment. I will also try the nettex egg shell.improver supplement, that's really useful. The silkie I am worried about Is definetly not overweight, in fact she is underweight As her breast bone is very prominent, another reason I worry about her, and probably all connected. Any tips for feeding up a silkie too? That is very interesting you say their diet is 10% oyster shells, I dont think mine are really touching them at all and also dont seem interested in the egg shells unless I mix them into their feed- then they eat them all so I wonder if this is actually the key issue? Thanks again, Verity
  4. Thanks for your quick response, they have turned a year old this month so still young. They get some treats in the afternoon- normally a handful of corn, sunflower seeds etc or some veg but never very much. Do you think it could be a problem with absorbing the calcium?
  5. Hi there, I seem to be having an issue with soft shelled eggs with 2 of my silkies. One in particular has laid 3 in the last week and today sat in the laying nest most of the morning having laid one onto the roosting bars over night. I have been trying really hard to combat this problem (before this week I have had about 1 soft egg a month). Currently they girls have oyster shells and baked egg shells in the run to freely eat. I have also been mixing some egg shells into their layer pellets over the last week and have also started mashing the layer pellets so they eat more of them. They have had both an agrivite shells and bone supplement as well as the nettex vit boost and are wormed up to date (worked with flubenvetast month). They also have ACV twice a week. I feel like I am at my wits end today and was so disappointed to see my hen lay another softy this morning and then appear affected by it. Can anyone suggest what the problem might be? I can take her to the vet (and spoke to them over the phone last week) but they dont seem to know a huge amount about chickens and didnt seem concerned when I rang about the problem last time. Thank you for your help! Verity
  6. Thank you for your help, will have a look at avian vet online 🙂
  7. Yes- the baytril first and then the tylan more recently when I went back to them as the baytril hadnt worked. They have been helpful so far but I know they struggled to prescribe the tylan as they are really a small animals vet. I wondered about taking her to an exotics vet to see if they had any other options?
  8. Hi thanks both, So she has already been on a course of both baytril and tylan... are there other antibiotics that you would recommend? I have changed her bedding from shavings to dengie chicken bedding but with no luck either. The sneezing just doesn't seem to want to budge. Thanks again, Verity
  9. Hi all, I have had my 3 silkies for 6 months now, they will be a year old next month. One of them arrived much smaller than the others and sneezed from the onset, in hindsight now it is clear this was something she brought with her from the breeder. She had a course of baytril straight away which sadly did nothing. Despite this, she has continued to grow (now bigger than one of my others!) And has no other symptoms. She is happy and eats and lays well but the sneezing continues. I tried her on a course of tylan last month and again it has made no impact. I am now slightly at a loss of where to go next with this. Any suggestions would be very much appreciated! Many thanks, Verity
  10. Hi, Apologies for the delay in replying, I didn't realise I had had any responses! So the whistling noise has now stopped of it's own accord thankfully- I did wonder about hay fever... she seems in good health otherwise. Unfortuantely she has now gone broody, although I am assuming that is unrelated!?
  11. Hi everyone, My 6 month old hen has started making a high pitched, slightly wheezy whistling sound today. It is not constant, but she is doing it once every 5-10 mins or so. She is eating and drinking and still active but she's never made this noise before. Does anyone have any ideas? Many thanks

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