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  1. Resisting the urge not to swear 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️
  2. Hello Dogmother please forgive me for bothering you again. Can I ask where the link to your website is in your signature. Because I’ve been clicking all over your posts and I’ll be clucked if I can find it 😂🤷‍♂️😂
  3. Hi Dogmother that is quite amusing. I wasn’t sure if I had correctly posted my response to you. Then it occurred to me “well at the end of the video it does leave a name and contact details of their farm etc the lady comes across as being very approachable I’ll just drop them a email/give them a call”. Little realising I was talking to lady in question 😂🤭😂. I think for now we might forgo the straw bales. We let our hens out daily to the main garden to have a scratch and access to fresh grass plus I’m working from home so it’s relatively easy to do. But the CD idea is definitely possible,
  4. Dogmother I love your work. (That also made a change to endless YouTube fishing videos) can I ask 2 questions. 1) the lady mentioned about straw bales in the pen we’ve always been warned off having these because of the dangers of mites or were we misinformed? 2) we also read somewhere that when you’ve fitted the beak bit after a couple of weeks you need to put a bigger one in. Because otherwise they will grow into the birds beak or again have we been misinformed?
  5. Good evening everyone, my wife and I would like to introduce you to our flock of 3 (we also have 2 ducks in a separate pen). Sorry for the epic post but please help. In the spring, 2 of our hens got scaley leg mite we treated it and it seems to of cleared up. However the same two have now got bald patches on their bellies, bottoms, necks front and back. From what we’ve observed the third hen does seem to be plucking at them rather than it being self inflicting. So far we have tried anti peck spray which does work but it is expensive for what you get. We’ve got a huge bag of mite powder from ou

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