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  1. I have had my chickens for just over a week. They are rescues so had them on crumble as advised by the rehoming charity. I was just using old cat bowls and loaf tins until my New Eglu Cube feeders arrived. They seemed to be eating just fine after a couple of days so introduced pellets slowly and they seemed weary but were still eating, although probably around the pellets and just the crumble. Once my Omlet feeders arrived, I used the same mix of crumble and pellets and showed them where the food is but they don't seem to be eating at all! I've only ever seen one of them actually eating but even she doesn't eat much. I'm worried they will starve themselves! I don't want to give in and get more crumble as it's such a mess (and need to use pellets for worming so need them to get on them!). What can I do? I'm actually wondering if they know those are feeders even though I've shown them, they don't seem interested. Surely they must be hungry!

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