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  1. Yeah. The facotry reset did not resolve the issue. The light when in manual mode does not stay on until I decide to turn it off. It turns off after like 3 minutes. I removed the coop light and just went with my magnet one I used before that I put on the top metal thing that connects the roof. Yes, I have to change the batteries once a month but it stays on. My husband is going to try and figure out how to use the 12v stuff in the autodoor area that things plug into and do a remote control light. He is good with electronics. Was going to return the light but it is 15.99 and with shipping would really be a wash so who knows. Maybe he could use the light and figure out how to bypass the turn off in 3 minutes.
  2. Well that did not work stayed on for maybe 2 minutes and then off. Going to factory reset the device and not set up open close times on the door and keep it at manual and then see if the light will stay on until I turn it off. Also going to email Omlet and inquire.
  3. Well according to the video I just watched about the coop light I should be able to do manual mode and it should stay on until I choose to turn it off. Will test that in a bit. Maybe I did something wrong on the install.
  4. I have the auto door and coop light just arrived and I got that all up but do not see a manual option to run the light. I am not using the door right now because they all do not go into the coop at the same time so I manually open and close. I was going through the set up of light and the book and do not see a way to manually turn just that light on and leave it on until I personally turn it off. Does anyone know how to operate that light manually and make it stay on until I turn it off? Otherwise, going to have to remove this Omlet light and did find on Amazon a small magnetic light that I can use the magnetic back to put on the top of roof where that metal attachment is and it is remote enabled so I can sit in the comfort of my home and turn it on when I want. Of course I still manually open and close their door which I will probably always do. The autodoor is great idea but I like to open the back and inspect the chickens before they sleep for the night. Also rub vetRX under their wings once a week.
  5. I ended up with the Lowes all purpose stuff and the tarp is over the run mostly when it rains and off when no rain but their Omlet Eglu has the tarp always over that little 3' run that sticks out. So far it has been 2 weeks and I have raked and done like I would cat litter every Saturday and it has been great. Before it was a muddy mess in the dirt and did not like them in the flood waters. My land is ag land and really hard to find a level spot and just so much bad weather here in NC husband no time when sun is out to level something for me. I made the best of it. Now no more flooding and it stays dry unless the rain is sideways. I do want a 20' long by 16' ot 30' wide tarp so I can cover the entire roof area. The one we have now is 15' long.
  6. https://www.lowes.com/pd/QUIKRETE-50-lb-All-Purpose-Sand/3048145 maybe this instead
  7. I have so many people saying use play sand for the run and then so many people saying no, toxic. I have heard you should use construction sand and I found this in a bag a Lowes. Can I use this? https://www.lowes.com/pd/50-lb-Commercial-Grade-Fine-Sand/1000233913
  8. So far I love almost everything about my Omlet but the ladder. Prior to putting my girls out, I attached a piece of wood with little wood steps to the ladder because I could see they were going to have issues being 7 weeks old. The piece of wood with slats seems to be doing the trick. They are 11 weeks now and have no issues coming down except they get to like the 3rd slat and then jump. It looks a little steep to me. I have seen the slant of other hen houses with ladders and they are not as steep. So, I am thinking about creating my own ladder out of maybe PVC and making the ladders slant not so steep. Going to do the design same as the current ladder just take it out maybe 1 more run and get a different slope on it.
  9. I move mine periodically when they scratch the grass and get to dirt.
  10. Ok. Found out the doors are supposed to be identical and this got welded in the wrong place. New door being sent out.
  11. I don't like the ladder. I have 5 week old Rhode Islands and cannot see them using this when it is time to move. Maybe once they are like 4 months they can navigate it. They are a bit clumsy even though their legs and feet look like they been body building. I am researching something to stick on the front or the back so they don't miss and hurt themselves. I would like to see Omlet create the ladder not using a typical ladder design but the design as you see in the picture above and just make it out of the material the ladder is made from. The plastic things are hard to put on the rungs too. Anyway, I am going to continue to search what I can do so at the young age when it is time for coop they don't hurt themselves.
  12. Yeah, I ordered the 13' extension that is like 3' tall and not impressed with the flimsy stuff so not ordering the giant walkin I wanted. Instead, I am keeping the extension for spare parts because the refund is like 150 after shipping so kind of a waste for me. We bought a 10 x 20 with roof made from galvanized steel pen thing and already had 1 of those that is 6' tall no roof putting hardware cloth doubled on top it is 6' x 10' and attaching that to the 10 x 20 we ordered. All galvanized steel like dog fencing. Because the diameter of the fencing is really large we are putting 1/2" hardware cloth around the entire contraption including the hen house with 6' run. As for the predator proof at the bottom we are taking the hardware cloth and doing that on the giant dog fencing copying what omlet did but no clips and all. Just bend the wire where we want it and zip tie it all around. I plan on doing pictures when all this is done. The MK2 will be inside the giant run with the 6' short run and during day the doors will be open at night of course closed. Then the food and water I am attaching to the run because I have a system I am building for that and will also take pictures when all is said and done. I like the hen house a lot from Omlet and just hoping the door replacement gets shipped today so I can finish the build. If you are going to attach feeders that are not supplied by Omlet I would reinforce the run with hardware cloth. They have green at Amazon if you opt for the green 1/2" in diameter which mine arrived on Monday and super small opening and really strong.
  13. We spent about an hour trying to figure out the darn doors for the MK2 and finally said they must be wrong. We looked at instructions and it says 2x's which means the parts should be identical. The doors are not identical. Attached is a picture. I have contacted Omlet via email and phone and nothing. No response. I need the right doors because chickens are now 5 weeks and near time for them to move. They are getting ansty. I take them outside and let them play in the giant run I bought to get out of the brooder. My fear is they are going to start pecking at one another because they need space. 1 door goes on but as you can see the other has the round weld that varies from the other and the instructions say it is supposed to be identical. We have tried every way possible to try and get the door with the weld that does not match to work and nothing. Is the weld wrong or are we not doing something right?
  14. Actually I am not using the extensions to the MK2 hen house with the run that comes with it at 6'. I order the 13' and put it together all but the door because the parts are not right and the whole thing is super flimsy with the tractor kit. I was going to returhn the 2 extra runs attachments I bought but the 6' with wheels is 899 and the 13' with wheels is 1098. That would mean 199 refund because shipping not refundable less me returning shipping which quote was 52 dollars. Not going through all of that for 147 dollar refund. We decided to keep the extra runs for spare parts and opted to go with a 6' tall dog fence we got for our cats to go outside along with a 10' x 20' 6-foot with roof we bought from Amazon. I have 1/2" diameter green hardware cloth going to put around hen house and Omlet run because the squares are too big and minks can squeeze through anything the size of a quarter or larger. Just going to use the strong green zip ties I bought. The coop with hen house at 6' seems pretty easy to move around. It will be inside this giant run and since the giant run is made of galvanized metal we can put trailer wheels on it that you use to raise and lower like your boat trailer. We have a 30-acre farm and a tractor so pretty easy to take the hen house with 6' run out and move the giant run with tractor then put the hen house with 6' run back inside. Also have movable electric fence that will go around the giant run and it is solar powered. Learned alot with all this chicken equipment. Need to also find a way to lock the hen house at night between the nesting box and litter area. Thinking about a flexible bike lock. We have racoons and they are smart. Hoping after they get shocked by the electric fence that will deter them from continuing. Also have 2 solar motion flood lights that will attach to the giant run. Will take pictures once this is all done but cannot proceed until I get the replacement doors that are wrong. Having a very hard time getting anyone on the phone or answer my emails.

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