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  1. Sorry just been rushed off my feet with everything. Midnight is still with us, Tuesday 6th July. She went down really badly a week ago and I thought she was going to die in our arms but she didn’t. She still isn’t fully recovered but we also were given a decongestant normally used on cows and pigs and it has released the blocked up mucus. Sadly her sister Bonnie and Annie also got the disease. Annie never really got it as bad but Bonnie is suffering badly. So we are still putting tylan in the water and cleaning up snotty nostrils with diluted vertrx and also a couple of warm drops of it at night in their mouths and also the decongestant. It is a battle and at the moment Bonnie isn’t eating much so has a near enough empty crop and not passing much through where as Midnight has a doughy crop today so have been researching that as well. I have been massaging it and giving her a couple of syringes of ACV in water. I did find a remedy recipe on a site and not sure whether to try it. Cinnamon, ginger and cayenne pepper mixed in with lemon juice. I tasted it and I thought it was too spicy 🤷‍♀️. I’m guessing it is really the acidity that is working on the crop. So the journey through this continues 🐔 The new ladies are still symptom free and enjoying creating havoc 🤣🤣 . Dont know about you all but some decent warm and dry weather would help at least me feel better and I would hope help the girls as well xxx
  2. Yes that’s what we did 🙁.
  3. Thank you Luvachicken. It is all very mind straining isn’t it 🤣🤣 . My vet is lovely and will order in the injectable version if she doesn’t get better. He said it is almost impossible to work out and an individual dosage etc of the powdered one but yes a few syringes a day won’t hurt her. I went on to the tylan site and I think it would be 0.35g daily for her size. My maths teacher would be proud 🤣. Midnight is a large chicken (Barnvelder) and 2 years old so hope she is strong enough to get through this. Annie and Bonnie who are still within the flock seem much better this morning but it could be the metacam helping them. So avoidance of the brown eggs as there is a withdrawal for metacam. xxx
  4. Sorry if this an often repeated question. I have 7 hens in total with 4 being purchased 14 days ago. All went well with introductions after isolation. The 4 new hens seem in good health etc. Now 2 of my originals have become ill with coughing and general gurgling sounds. The worst one has been taken into my home and intensively cared for as the weather was cold and wet and she refused to eat or drink and was very withdrawn. We have been prescribed Tylan powder. So 2x 5G pots to be mixed in with 10 litres of water. Now one is particularly low so how much in syringe form could I actually administer direct to her so she is actually getting a useful amount of Tylan. So I did some calculations and I think based on them being roughly 3kg it should be 0.35g. Does that sound about right? And if so do I just measure it out mix in with a little water and syringe in at the more concentrated dose? I feel so bad and guilty at getting the new chickens now as everything was okay before hand 🙁 but now the situation is here I have to deal with it and keep everything crossed they all get through it. Thank you 🐔.

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