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  1. Thank you so much. I am off to go and buy some more pellets with wormer in. I know now that I haven't been strict enough and have let the girls have access to their grass and treats while trying to worm them. I wouldn't want to eat worming pellets instead of grass and corn, so why would they! I've been rather daft! Thank you again.
  2. Sorry, I forgot to put the girls' age! I had them as POL last July, so probably about a year old. Yes, I wormed them about two months ago with layers pellets with Flubanet(?) in. They didn't eat the pellets well at all.
  3. Hello again, After my last post about my four girls laying fewer eggs, I did go and have a hunt around the new area of grass, but I found nothing. Since then, the egg laying has been very sporadic, some days I have had three eggs and more often, none at all! When they have laid eggs, the whites are very, very watery. When I make poached eggs, the whites go into the water and make it cloudy, rather than 'holding together'. They are not looking quite as sleek as they did; a bit more ruffled looking, so could they be moulting? My lovely husband has researched and has found very s
  4. Narf

    Fewer eggs

    Hello knowledgeable people in my computer, I have four lovely hens that I had last July as POL. They have been brilliant and they have laid throughout winter, usually laying 3 or 4 eggs daily. However, in the past two weeks, their egg laying has decreased to one or if I'm lucky, two eggs per day. Their routine hasn't changed and neither have their layers pellets. The only change is that they now have access to a larger piece of ground with a range of grasses and weeds etc. I did think that they could be beginning the moult, but there has been no feather loss. Does anyone have a
  5. Thank you so much. Seeing how the Bumpa bit fits is very useful. I know that Bluebelle will be most grateful!
  6. I was cleaning out my four hens earlier and I noticed that my Speckledy hen chased my Bluebell, plucked out feathers at the top of Bluebelle's leg and ate it. Bluebelle was 'curtsying' and clearly upset by it. After cleaning out the girls, I caught and examined all four of them and my Light Sussex, Bluebelle and Warren out had signs of feathers being pulled out, but Bluebelle was worst, with two small bloodied patches. I cleaned it as best I could and covered the area with Sudacrem. As soon as I put Bluebelle down, Speckledy ran at her and tried to pluck out more feathers. I bought a

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