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  1. I also have a somewhat diminishing flock too having lost two hens last week within four days of each other, they both had a prolapse. I`ve had chickens for seven years and had never had experience of this, very upsetting. The vet thought both had underlying health problems because they were quite thin. I may well not have anymore hens either down to four now. Because I dont drive I rely on a chap who runs a pet travel service to take me to the vet and what with the vets charge it gets very expensive over £100 for the two visits. Joy
  2. I had two very noisey hens and I ended up re homing then as my nerves couldnt take anymore. They were white stars, miss their big china white eggs but not the dreadful racket they made. Joy
  3. I`ve kept hens for almost five years and have had an eglu cube from the beginning. never had red mite until last summer. My vet treated them all with Ivermectin and it cured the problem up untill a few weeks ago when they returned. I got some Nettex total mite kill and it did the trick. I am at a loss to know why they got red mite as my lot never free range and their WIR has a roof Joy,
  4. I`m going to get the brush from Lily Lolo, its cheapeer than the BareMinerals one
  5. Ive bought some BareMinerals foundation powder just need to get a brush to apply it. Has anyone used this makeup, Ive heard some good reports but can be a bit tricky to apply. Joy
  6. Well Smudge is almost four months old and I`m sorry to say we are no nearer getting her toilet trained as we were when we got her, so fustrating. She is clean during the night never get up to any mess so thats good. I`m thinking now of getting someone in for some training as suggested by Tasha as dont know what else to do, getting fed up of cleaning carpets every day.
  7. Thanks everyone for the comments and advice. I do realise its very early days with Smudge and she will get the hang of it . I have no idea of how to post pics of her only have a very basic knowledge of using a computer I`m afraid Joy
  8. We had to have our much loved springer spaniel PTS on the 11th November and got another springer pup just 10 days later because we hated to be without a dog. She is three months old now and went out for the first time today. Well the toilet training isn`t going well,it doesnt matter how long she spends in the garden she comes back in and goes to the toilet, thought she would go when we were out today but no no no!!. We havnt had a pup since 1985 as milly our last springer was a rescue dog and was clean when we got her. Didnt realise it would be so difficult to begin to get Smudge toilet trained. We have followed all the advice we could read up on. Joy
  9. I didnt find it too difficult to treat mine, it does take two of you though. The tame hens were quite easy but not so some of the others. I didnt find it easy to find bare skin on the back of their necks either.
  10. I`ve got white stars and they make an horrendous noise, in fact they squawk any old time of the day, I wont be getting anymore even though they lay beautiful white eggs.
  11. I`ve just finished the first course of Ivermectin on the chooks, got it from the vets. It wasn`t easy throwing away all of their eggs for a week though, got to repeat the dose next week then another week of egg withdrawal. It seems to be working they dont bite themselves now.
  12. Thanks for that Tasha, Im going to get the watch back from the jewellers to-morrow. Its got the makers name inside and the date , I`ll pm you then
  13. I inherited a very old sterling silver pocket watch which I think belonged to my grandfather. It is one hundred and sixty years old so it could have been owned by someone before him, and it still keeps good time. As it has been tucked away in a drawer for ages I thought I might as well try and sell it. I went into a well known jewellers in Northampton and asked them how much it might be worth, I left it with them for a fortnight and they got back to me today and offered me a ridiculously small amount for it. Does anyone know where I can get a proper valuation for this type of thing, I dont want to be ripped off!! Joy
  14. Go Gosh Tasha thats a lot of chooks. Did you have to sit Ian down before you told him!! Joy xx
  15. I`ve taken several of my chooks to the vets when they have been very unwell, I said from the start of keeping them that I would give them one chance to get better and yes its never cost more than £25 a visit. If they dont get better I take them back to be PTS. I`m fortunate that my vets practice has three vets that own chickens and they can always tell me whats wrong with them. I could never dispatch a bird and wouldnt want to learn how to either.
  16. They love greens anything really but I suppose their favourite is spinach. Yes snowy I wormed them a few weeks ago, not long after i got them.
  17. Yes she`s POL, started laying about six weeks ago. All of my hens love greens and they get lots most days.
  18. Ever since I got chickens four years ago I`ve always wanted a white star, well I`ve now got one, even though she`s a noisy little blighter she`s great apart from the colour of her eggs. The yolks are a very pale cream colour and I dont know why. She eats the same food as the other new ones and their eggs are perfect.
  19. I`ve just got some more flubenvet the 1% but am wondering if it will mix ok with layers mash which is quite powdery. I`ve got some new hens and they wont eat pellets. Joy
  20. We were away for a week. and two of the trips were all day ones we had to get up at 6.00am the trip left at 8.00am,didnt get back to the ship until 6. We did so much walking during the week in a way it was nice to get home for a rest!!!! Joy
  21. I have just got back from my first cruise on Thomson Dream and had a fantastic time. I treated my SIL to this trip as we have both had a rough couple of years. We flew to Palma and sailed to Sicily Naples, Rome, Corsica, Barcelona and then back to Palma. We had a couple of days when the sea was rough but it wasn`t a problem for us. As neither of us had been to these places we did all the trips going. The ship was great couldn`t fault anything the food was fabulous as was the entertainment. Being in these ports was an eye opener our ship was big 1500 passengers but we saw many bigger some having 4500 passengers! What I enjoyed so much about this holiday was waking up in a different place every day, I will certainly do another cruise, just have to start saving up. Joy
  22. I started off with four girls from Omlet 4 years ago and then six months later added three more. Then OH built them a WIR so got three more. Well I used to get fifty plus eggs from them every week but sadly after a couple of years I lost a couple and then this year three more have died and now I`m lucky if I get two eggs a day from the five thats left. Time goes so quickly and you do get attached to them, if and when I get more I dont think I`ll give them names. The oldest girl thats left is 4 and I get an egg from her every now and then. Joy
  23. We go to Aldi every week and find their food very good quality and so much cheaper than the other supermarkets,also their washing powder ,washing up liqued etc is also good joy

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