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  1. They are great Tasha, good luck with them.Hope the new chicks have settled. Joy
  2. Another vote for Panasonic Ive had mine for five years and use it several times a week, has never let me down
  3. I lost a hen a couple of weeks ago, she had egg peritonitis, was very poorly and couldnt stand, didnt eat or drink for days. The vet examined her and the smell from her vent was disgusting, also said she could linger for days so I decided to have her PTS Joy
  4. I`ve got seven chooks who have lived happily together for eighteen months up till now. I had to remove Rosie because she was being attacked, I dont know why she isnt ill or injured - yet. She is now in a run along side the others so they can still see each other. I tried to put her back with them today because she seems unhappy on her own but it didnt work, all hell broke out So has anyone got any ideas what I could try next, my chicken pals reckon they wont accept her again and I should get a new home for her. I will say its not just one who is the bully if it was I would remove her instead of Rosie This is the first major problem I`ve had in four years of keeping the little darlings! Joy
  5. I would urge everyone called for breast screening to go I know plenty who ignore letters it could save your life. I went for mine in july 09 and was recalled for further tests, I wasnt too bothered didnt have any symtoms and had been called back before. They found early breast cancer, stage 1 but aggresive grade 3. I had the op three weeks later followed by 3 weeks of radiotherapy. I go for regular check ups and so far nearly two years on I`m ok but it could have been a very different story.
  6. When I first met Tasha she only had four hens I think, she`s come a long way since then!!!!!
  7. Some of you may remember my post last year when I was diagnosed with breast cancer which was shortly after BIL found out he had bowel cancer. Well 2010 carried on in the same dreadful way, hubby was diagnosed with Prostate cancer in March and my brother found out in July he had advanced Pancreatic cancer which had spread to his liver, and just three months later on October 12th he passed away aged 61. Our dog hasnt escaped either we found out in May she has an inoperable tumour. It was awful to watch my brother get worse as each day passed, his appearance changed so much and near the end he couldnt walk or speak. He spent one week in hospital in August and the rest of the time was at home where he died. I coiuld never remember him being ill he never had a day off work and then this happened to him. My cancer has so far not returned and I go for regular checkups and had mamagram in August. As for hubby he has had six monthly hormone injections and completed 4 weeks radiotherapy in October. He has to go back to hospital in December to see how successful it has been. Well as for Milly our springer spaniel the vet thought she would have a few months left and that was in May. So far she is ok likes her walks and eats well so we will keep her as long as we can. She is almost 12 years old. We are just hoping for a better 2011. Thank goodness for the hens they are a welcome distraction from all this misery. Joy
  8. Congratulations Tasha I would have loved to have been able to get over to West Haddon and meet up again, hope you are well. Joy xx
  9. Ive kept chickens for three years and write in the diary the total number of eggs I get each day, ive being doing this since the original omlet girls started to lay. I do a weekly tally but never a yearly one. Joy xx
  10. I hadnt bought any eggs for nearly three years until last week when I had to buy half a dozen and they were truly awful. The yolks were very pale and there was no taste. Of my eight hens five are three years old and dont lay very often. It seems a long time since I had a egg glut, you dont realise just how time flys by it only seems a short while ago they all laying every day.
  11. I made this fab cake for the first time in July when the receipe appeared now I make it every week, so very easy and yummy Joy xx
  12. I was feeling fed up yesterday as my 9 chooks were only laying 4 eggs a day. I did think well 6 of them are getting on in years so maybe this was to be expected. But to my amazement in the bag of hemcore that I keep on the floor of their walkin run I found 10 eggs!!! I know they wasnt in there last week because I used the hemcore then. Its strange why some of them have started to lay in there as I have kept hemcore in the run for a couple of years and never found any eggs in there before!!! Joy xx
  13. they are very cute tasha, well done Joy x
  14. I leave their cube door open most of the time even in the very cold weather. There are nine of them to keep each other warm. There are a few occasions in the summer months I have shut them in at night because of the racket some of them made at 4.30am Joy xx
  15. What a lovely chick Tasha!! Joy x
  16. Got 52 last week from my 9 girls 7 or 8 eggs every day. 3 of them are getting on now nearly three years old. The next three are 2 1/2 and the babies are 8 months. Considering a couple of months ago I was lucky to get 4 a day I`m really impressed. Joy xx
  17. great Tasha you are a clever girl!!!! Joy xx
  18. It wont be long before you get to the century then Tasha!!!!!! Poor Ian my Oh moans about me having 9 hens he would have a nervous breakdown if I had many more!!! Joy xx
  19. Wish there was a Lakeland shop near me. Joy xx
  20. I was so sorry to read this, it brought back memories of my mum and dad. I lost both of them very suddenly back in 1978. My dad died on May 19th and mum the following week on the 25th. Mum died two hours after we buried dad. Neither had been ill they both had heart attacks. They were aged 57 and 61. Joy xx
  21. Lovelychickies Tasha. I`ve just noticed your running total crikey 75!!!! I bet its not long till you post 100!!!! Joy xx
  22. I like wyandotte 2 and silkie 2 the best very clear pics. Good luck at the show next weekend Tasha. Joy x
  23. They are lovely Claire so glad I was able to see them in real life Joy xx
  24. I lost my first hen last Friday she was one of my first hens I had from Omlet. Daisy came to me In October 07 so she would be about three years old this summer. To say I was upset was an understatement didnt realise it would affect me in the way it did. RIP Daisy. Joy xx
  25. Am thinking of getting one of these but would I need to get deeper fitted bottom sheets to go over it. My present mattress isnt that deep so the sheets fit on ok. Joy

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