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  1. I started off with a cube and standard run with four hens. I used to let them free range everyday but I got fed up with the mess they made and O boy how they trashed the garden. OH used to moan constantly about them and one day he said I will build you a large WIR on the condition they stay in there 24/7. Well What a great idea so easy to clean out after the cube. Its on concrete slabs and I use Hemcore on the floor. I`ve now got ten chooks and they have plenty of things to occupy themselves with including perches and a large bench which I keep all of their food and hemcore on. Joy
  2. Claire I too wondered what Tasha was getting next so I PM`d her and she told me, they sound great Joy xx
  3. We had our dream holiday in 2001 just a few weeks after 9/11. Had a week in Vegas, a week in Los angeles and a week in Hawaii.We also had saved for a long time to do this holiday but as I am a nervous flyer wasnt keen to go after what happened, but when we got there we had a fantastic time. Would love to go back to Vegas and Hawaii, was a little dissappointed with Los Angeles though. We travelled with Titan Tours and they are fantastic although a little more expensive than other operators. One thing that appealed to us was they take you To Heathrow and are waiting for you on your return and bring you right back to your front door. Great after a long flight home!!! Joy xx
  4. My girls wont eat their layers pellets unless made into porridge, so from almost day one thats how I get them to eat it. I know I spoil them and my OH says if they are hungry enough thay will eat them dry but I dont care it doesnt take long to pour hot water over and mix it up Joy xx
  5. I got three new POL hens in the middle of October and housed them in a rabbit hutch with a run made by OH that was parallel to the big girls WIR. They stayed in there for about six weeks untill one day when I was cleaning the WIR i decided to put them all in together and was very suprised how well they all got on went much better than the first lot of introductions I did a couple of years ago. None of my hens freerange so they didnt have any time to mix before they all went in together. Joy xx
  6. The thing is I give my girls mashed potato, rice and spagetti in dishes put down in their run but they knock them over of course so I was looking at getting some bigger cage cups. They are spoilt just a bit!!!! Joy xx
  7. I`m trying to find some of these, I`ve already got some small ones that I put grit and corn in but I`m looking for some larger ones. I`ve seen some on Cotswold chickens and regency poultry sites but neither say how big they are. Joy xx
  8. What do you mean by `1 cup eggs` Joy xx
  9. I`ve been looking to buy some sirdar wool on line, there seems to be quite a few sites that sell it and wondered if anyone could recomend a good and reliable one. Thanks joy
  10. OH has asked me if I can make toad in the hole for dinner but I am useless at making yorkshire puds. Has anyone got a good recipe thats fool proof Thanks joy
  11. To be honest none of the others have ever been that tolerent with her. It is very sad to see them being so nasty Joy x
  12. I have had to separate her from my other six as she was having a terrible time with them. After living reasonably well together for two years they started attacking her very badly drawing blood and pinning her to the floor. She has always been bottom chook but apart from the odd chase they left her alone. Well it got so bad she wouldnt come out of the cube in the morning so I separated her. She is in a area where she can still see the others but is not a happy chook being on her own. I am wondering if I did the right thing and will I be able to put her back with the others. At least this way she isnt being hurt and my nerves are not on edge!! Your thoughts would be very appreciated. Joy x
  13. Dont think Tasha has many if any shops where she lives!!! Joy x
  14. O dear poor Ian hope he feels better soon. I bought a moped years ago to get me to work a brand new one but I kept falling off it so I got rid of it but I lost an awful lot of money. Joy x
  15. thanks Tasha I look forward to seeing you in the not too distant future. Will look forward to seeing your ever expanding flock!!!!! Joy x
  16. Hi Just to let you all know how things are going. I start 3 weeks of radiotherapy tomorrow. I saw the oncologist about three weeks ago to discus what treatment I will have. Well all the results of my operation was fed into the computer and it gives you what treatment it recomends. As I had a grade three tumour I would only benefit by 2% by having chemo and only 1% for a grade 1 or 2. So he said it just wasnt worth having the chemo . As you can imagine I was highly delighted could have kissed him!!!! I am also on a breast cancer trial involving two thousand other women nationwide. Joy xx
  17. Daisy isnt an ex-bat she came from Omlet with the cube. If there is no improvement on Monday I will take her to my chicken friendly vet Joy x
  18. She has been off colour for a few days now, her comb is droopy and a very dark red and I think going slightly blue and she is puffed up and doesnt move a lot although I have seen her eat. All of my seven girls are two years plus and none of them have shown signs of illness till now so I guess Daisy is coming to the end of her life, so sad, is there anything I can do for her. Joy x
  19. I`m still amazed how you and Ian find the time to go to work full time!!! Joy xx!
  20. Hi Firstly I would like to thank everyone for their kind thoughts. Ive got an appointment with the Oncologist on Thursday morning I will let you know how I get on. Joy xx
  21. To find out I have breast cancer as I had no symptoms whatsoever. Being a female of a certain age I am invited every three years to have a mamagram, so at the beginning of August I was screeened. I was called back for more tests including a biopsy and ultra sound scan. Well the result was I had an Invasive Carcinoma in my right breast which the doctor said was very treatable. I had the operation on 7th September and went back for the results on 24th September. My surgeon told me the cancer was all removed and the tumour measured 18mm and the lympth nodes were all clear so all good news. The only concern was the cancer was a grade 3 which is the most aggresive. Now I have to go and see the Oncologist to discus what my next treatment will be, definately will need radiotheraphy and because its a grade 3 will also need chemotherapy which was never mentioned before the op. So all in all not a good couple of months, infact not a good year so far,OH lost his job so did my son. Brother in law has bowel cancer elderly neighbour has skin cancer and a friend has throat cancer. Just thought I would share my news with caring omleteers. Joy x
  22. I havn`t been on here for a few days so to see your total go from 29 to 35 was a surprise, or perhaps not Tasha!!!!!!! Joy x
  23. great news Tasha your hens and chicks are a credit to you. It was great to see them and meet Palmer07 last Sunday and to see you again Joy x
  24. Well I`m semi retired now left the rat race five years ago. I work a few hours in a coffee shop. Joy x
  25. A couple of my hens had a course of baytril last year. My vet didnt mention egg withdrawal and I didnt think to ask him. He`s a very good vet been with him for many years with our dogs and he keeps hens himself. Anyway we carried on eating the eggs and are still here to tell the tale!!!!! Joy x

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