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  1. My OH doesnt share my passion for chickens either. My lot used to have the cube with the run and used to freerange a lot of the day but he constantly moaned they were trashing his garden and making a hell of a mess, which they were!! and if I am honest I got fed up of cleaning up after them at the end of the day. So he said I will Make you a WIR on condition they stay in there 24/7. Well He made a fab job of it they have lots more room and its so easy to clean out. They seem happy enough most of the time but I do feel a little guilty about not letting them roam the garden but him indoors is happy. Joy x
  2. Tasha I`m sorry about poor Tawny, hope she pulls through. My seven have lived happy together for two years and I thought great no problems perfect harmony. But now several have a go at each other nothing too serious yet but who knows what might happen. I dread the thought of finding one or more seriously injured. Joy x
  3. Well done tasha I will have to come and see your wonderful collection of hens sometime. Joy x
  4. If I had the room I would have them, you cant live too far from me Joy x
  5. Congratulations tasha look forward to seeing some pics joy x
  6. O Tasha I love reading your threads especially ones about your chicks. I wonder how you find the time to go to work with all your chickens and chicks to look after, and then there is the land you are renting, and all the animals you will eventually have on there!!! Joy x
  7. I like to make shepherds or cottage pie now and again but its difficult to find decent old potatoes this time of the year. I boiled some today and they turned out like sloppy glue!! Can anyone recomend a good instant mashed spud. My experience is that most are disgusting. Joy x
  8. yes agree with redwing will take a while you will have to be a little patient. joy x
  9. Well last night I shut them in the cube and didnt hear a sound out of them. We let them out at 6.30 we all get up early for work. I had a job to close the door as some of them have their faces out of the door but slowly and surely I got them in and closed the door. I also covered the cube leaving some ventilation in the front. So this is what will happen now, and thank you all for replying. Joy x
  10. My seven hens have taken to make a racket at this early hour. We havebeen woken between 5.30 and 6.30 before but never this early. There isnt a queue for the nest and nothing amiss in the garden so I dont know why this is happening. This is the second summer we have had the girls and never had this happen before. They are not used to being shut away in the cube at night only on the coldest of winter nights so I dont want to start doing this now. I really dont know what to do now as my OH is now saying `are they really worth it` I dont sleep too well now guess I am waiting for them to start making a noise Joy x
  11. Federer would`nt have won if Nadal had been there. Lets hope he is back in action very soon, he has been missed. joy x
  12. I get all my chooks supplies from Bletsoe-Brown in Sywell northampton. I used to have spillers layers pellets and mixed corn sometimes dodson and horrel. The last time I rang an order they said they had also started to sell Heygates mixed corn and layers pellets so I tried them. The corn is £5.70 for 25kg and pellets £5.65. They deliver and charge only 50p per item. I ring them on a Monday and delivery is the next day. Its a very good service but not sure how far they will deliver. Joy x
  13. I agree with susan love the tennis. Just a shame Nadal isn`t playing. Bet Federer is over the moon!!!!! Joy x
  14. Is a fenton blue a hybrid or a pure breed hen joy
  15. They are cute tasha, well done Joy x
  16. Ive got seven hens four of which are two years old and the other three are about 18 months. Up until a couple of weeks ago I was still getting five or six eggs a day from them but now its gone down to three at the most. Whilst I appreciate their good egg laying days have probably ended I didn`t think they would stop laying so suddenly thought it would be gradual.and at least two of the older girls have started laying shell less eggs, a real yukky mixture of yellow and cream slop!!! Even when the girls were very young I never had a sofftee.Ive always got good quality eggs. So is there anything I can give them to improve things a bit Joy x
  17. I would love to come if I could get there, but I dont drive. Joy x
  18. I`ve always wanted to go to Andorra in the French/Spanish Pyrenees, but no one wanted to go there not my OH or any of my friends, so I decided to go on my own. I booked a week with Inghams who specialise in Lakes and Mountains holidays. I went on organized trips every day and met some great people. I had never flown on my own so I was a bit worried about that but I was fine. I had a great time and would go on my own again without hesitation joy x
  19. Penny my pepperpot has never been a good layer at the most I would only get a couple of eggs a week. She will be around 2 years old in june ther same age as three of my others who still lay nearly every day. She looks healthly and does all the chickeny things the others do. Well its been a month now since she last laid me an egg so I`m wondering if thats it no more eggs from her!!! joy x
  20. I never thought about using the microwave either, they certainly stink when done in the oven. I put mine in a strong plastic bag and then use the rolling pin. joy
  21. Hi Tasha sorry you are poorly hope you feel better soon joy x
  22. Yes cotswold chickens are very good,I got four hens from Jude 18 months ago and they still lay everyday joy
  23. I`m often going out to shut mine up at 6am the other morning it was 5.30am!! I squirt them with a water pistol they soon shut up joy

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