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  1. I have been in the supermarkets looking for the above but non of the food states its organic, should I be looking for tins or pouches and can anyone tell me which brands are likely to be organic. thanks Joy
  2. egluntine the next time you post pictures of your chooks please include a photo of yourself I feel I`ve known you for ages and it would be nice to put a face to your posts. Joy
  3. Over the last seven days I`ve had 44 eggs from my seven girls. They have all been laying since early summer but I`ve never had this many eggs before. So pleased as the days are now getting shorter thought I wouldn`t be getting many at all!!!!! Joy
  4. I bought three chickens from cotswold chickens in March, they are great and very good layers. regards joy
  5. I`ve been looking to buy stalosan F and the best price I could find is at Regency Poultry. Has anyone ordered from this company and are they any good. Regards Joy
  6. My hens wont eat dry pellets so I make them into a porridge with warm water and occasionaly mix some yogurt in. They lap this up. regards joy
  7. I found a freshly laid warm egg in the nest box this morning and on it was a live tiny maggot. I dont know which of my girls laid it but I am quite concerned. It must of come from inside her. What should I do. joy
  8. One of my girls has recently been on baytril for a week she had a nasty cough which has now cleared up. My vet didnt mention egg withdrawal and we have been eating her eggs, and I didnt think to ask him.
  9. I find the grape method difficult so I am going to put it in with their food. I`ve got seven hens so how much would I mix in the pellets each day? Regards joy
  10. I`ve got a eglu cube with a 1 mtr extension. I really need to move it and give it a good hose down as its on concrete. with all the rain we have had its got smelly really quickly. OH thinks it wont be easy to move with the extension on,my question is is it quite easy or not. regards Joy
  11. Hi everyone, When I hard boil the eggs the shells are difficult to peel off, I`ve used eggs that are a couple of days old and ones that are a week old and the result is the same. Can anyone tell me if this is always the case. I dont keep eggs in the fridge. regards joy
  12. My 2 amber lees` have been laying for 2 months now and their eggs are still the same size as when they started i e 44 grams ish. Will they ever get any bigger? joy
  13. My chooks will only eat pellets if I make it into a porridge. I sometimes mash a banana up in it as welll also some fat free yogurt. Now and again I use porridge oats as well my local waitrose sell 1 kilo bags of it for 75p and it lasts ages. I know I spoil them but get a very good supply of big eggs!!
  14. I`ve got two pepperpots one lays everyday but the other one only lays every other day. They are both the same age, I am wondering why this is.
  15. So very sorry to hear of your loss. Is your cube positioned on concrete or grass. Did the fox get in through the outer door. I always make sure this is closed but leave their sleep out door open. Joy x
  16. I got three hens from Cotswold chickens five weeks ago,they are great and very healthy. I also have four chickens from omlet that I`ve had since last october. I kept the new girls separate from the others for three weeks just letting them free range together and then ten days ago put them all together. There was quite a bit of pecking for a few days but nothing violent and now they are all friends. I would recomend Cotswold chickens and Jude is very helpfull. joy
  17. two of my new girls started laying last week, had one quite small one from one of them on Thursday and a large egg from one of the others on Friday but nothing from either since. My omlet girls laid almost daily once they srarted. So is this unusual, they seem happy and are eating ok Joy x
  18. I`ve had chickens since last October. I have a purple eglu cube and I started off with four omlet girls, two gingernuts and 2 pepperpots. They are laying well now but the gingernuts lay more often than the others. A couple of weeks ago I got three more from cotswold chickens nr Banbury. They are living separately from the omlet girls at present, they do freerange all together and get on sort of ok just the odd skirmish. I havnt plucked up the courage to put them all in together yet will have to at some point though. As I work three days a week I`m worried about not being able to see whats going on and stop any trouble. I would recomend cotswold chickens they have healthy birds and Jude who runs the place is very helpful. I live in the Kingsthopre area of Northampton, dont know if you know the area very well. Regards Joy
  19. Hi Just spotted you live in Northamptonshire I live in Northampton whereabouts do you live? Joy
  20. I have got three new girls 17 weeks old living in a separate house from my four omlet girls. whilst they seem ok they are not eating very much. I leave then pellets and corn but not very much is eaten. Should I be worried. They dont seem interested in the treats and other food I give the omlet girls. regards joy
  21. My chooks will only eat pellets if I make into a porridge useing oats, Can I give them sone low fat natural yoghurt mixed in Joy xx
  22. I am planning to get a couple of white stars but am a bit worried that they are a noisy breed having read several posts saying they are. My gingernuts and pepperpots are very quiet only making a little fuss when I go into the garden, my neighbours didnt even know I had chickens untill I told them.So my question is do they make lots of noise or is it just the odd one that does. Thanks Joy
  23. I`ve got four chooks and am planning to get four more. In order to introduce them gradually I intend to keep them separate for a while. I have been looking for a large rabbit hutch or similar and making a run. I live in northampton and am wondering if anyone in my area has something similar that I could buy or borrow. Thanks Joy
  24. My four omlet girls were laying really well at xmas and for two weeks into the new year,but now instead of getting three most days its down to only one or if lucky two. I am wondering why this is can anyone help and I`m still waiting for a complete set!!!! regards joybelle

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