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  1. Is wood chip on ground in uncovered run ok?
  2. I’m going to post pics, just got my eglu go but my run is not omlet plus I have a chicken guard locking door (which is brilliant btw)
  3. where is this run from and is that metal mesh? Is there mesh on top? I have made a play pen using picket fence and chicken wire, but struggling with the top, as had industrial pigeon netting over it but the fox just sat and chewed a hole in it.... Also, do you let your chickens out beyond this run? I have been feeling very guilty about not letting them out of the run (one squawks to be let out) but it is much bigger than this and for only 3 birds, so am I worrying about nothing?! Their run is about 4.5m long by 1.3m wide and has a section that is 2m high Thanks!
  4. I have looked but can't see anything, was wondering if there was a thread of people's photos of their run set ups, in particular, non omlet runs and how they are attached to eglus? I have a GO arriving next week but had my run built using fencing posts and galvanised steel, along with corrugated roofing and tarps for the sides. Also made my own perches out of hand rails and a dust bath out of bricks, as could not find what I wanted. Looking for inspiration around entertainment for the inside (are perches and dust bath enough?) as well as security features and tips on keeping dry!
  5. I have just ordered tarps for sides, but for the top, the best solution is a carport type structure using clear corrugated plastic roofing, it is not attached to the run, therefore no risk of it blowing away!
  6. I don’t understand the aubiose over wood chip in the run? Does it not go soggy? my run is wood chip on ground, I poo pick every day and use ground sanitising powder once a week. If I put aubiose over top will it not just mix in when they scratch/dig and rot/smell?
  7. they have had bran for months without issues, she has only had diorreha since having flubenvet... either that or she has eaten something... saw her eating hydrangea leaves... not sure if this could be it? the there two did also and they don't have diorrhea though? the only eat chicken feed, no scraps. They aren't interested in fruit and veg anyway, the only thing they like is spinach and my lawn!
  8. Has anyone used this? one of my three has had diorrhea for about three days now, seems ok otherwise. They were all wormed with flubenvet two weeks ago but only she has diorrhea. They had nettex gut revitaliser in water during and after worming, as well as bokashi bran every day. gave them kefir yesterday also, not sure how long to give her? thanks!
  9. Allen and Page organic pellets are bigger than the smallholder pellets, but if the size is an issue make it into porridge with hot water
  10. A) is a light really necessary in winter and b) if so, what can anyone recommend for the go? Given the omlet light only works with the autodoor which only works with the cube....? thanks!
  11. Want coop only and more expensive on ebay than new as they all come with runs...Or are green! in south east, happy to collect up to 100 miles from Essex Many thanks!
  12. i've just ordered a GO......have been keeping an eye out for a second hand one but only green with a run which I don't want... fingers crossed I don't have any issues with it
  13. My run has roof, is on ground with hardwood chips, but they just want to be out on what was lawn next to it. I let them out a few hours a day supervised as it’s penned with chicken wire, but they have eaten all the grass and scratched all seeds out.... they still want to be there though so, is paving slaps with gaps the best idea? Feel bad covering it all in slabs.... what about gravel and some slabs with bits of earth in between? i have great poultry grass seed which really does grow back in 4 weeks also Forgot to say: have spare bags of hardwood run chips which i could put down, but do these work in uncovered run? ( from flyte so fancy) am also concerned cats will just think it’s a giant litter tray......

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