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  1. Thanks, they have aubiose bedding in tray under the rungs. if I put straw in there they just eat it… they seem fine, one is moulting and being pecked so was a bit worried about her being cold…!
  2. Hens are in a secure run with tarp over/round it, they have an eglu go up. As it’s not been that cold I don’t close the coop door at night, now temp has dropped to 0 does anyone else close door? If not is there a min temp at which you would? or do they keep themselves warm? thx!
  3. I am considering the omlet WIR, but given the price have some niggling doubts....I currently have a run made of fence posts but needs some adjustments so am debating whether to modify this or splurge: - why does it not have a pitched roof? Will plastic tarp not just fill with water? I have metal tunnel runs which I put tarp over and in heavy rain ( Which seems to be all the time) the tarp has to be lifted to get excess water off or it pools - is the door narrower than the coop tray? I have a go and want to be Able to take the tray out of the run. Have read that this is not possible so has to be emptied inside the run? - is mesh small enough to keep wood chips inside the run? This is an issue as one of my hens is a really aggressive digger and kicks it all out. Having tried all methods the only way to keep it in was to cover in fine mesh....! Many Thanks!!!
  4. One of my 3 has had slight diorrhea ever since I flubenvet (the other two are fine), slightly dirty bottom but seemed fine otherwise. seems to be getting worse and bottom was very dirty today... they have bokashi bran every day but doesnt seem to be helping her, any Ideas? they only have pellets/mash, and due flubenvet again this month so worried it might make it worse? they have clean water in a clean drinker every day, nettex tonic in water (when I remember) and no scraps
  5. So basically as long as they are in a covered run and do not come into contact with wild bird droppings they are fine?
  6. I use aubiose in my eglu go, so all good, but had a cold night last night (water bowl was frozen over this morning) and have a bag of barley straw from omlet to use so was wondering whether to put some in the eglu? there are 3 hybrids in there, judging by pooh location I dont think they “snuggle” whilst I realise that with door closed it would be warm enough, I have a panel on mine as I have a chicken guard door, so there are gaps, no idea if draughty or not though?
  7. Silly question sorry but why not just remove feeders at night? i use dog bowls, remove at night and never had issue with vermin
  8. They have wood perches also, this is sanded to keep claws files and hopefully avoid build Up on their feet. Run is so muddy even with woodchip....
  9. Anyone know if any issue with using concrete/sanded perch for chickens? The type for large parrots thanks
  10. They look young, probably not quite ready yet, comb is pink. Don’t stress, they will lay when ready
  11. Are you referring to omlet one or chicken guard?
  12. Its covered run but damp coming up through ground. Will mixing play sand in help?
  13. I have compost in dust bath but ground is so wet it never dries, can I mix in sand? And play sand? Seems to be conflicting opinions about sand in dust bath as in toxic oR not toxic, good for skin or bad for skin... They use bath a lot so now have permanently damp chests....!

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