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  1. Update: low and behold someone has found a ferret in the local area that has gone missing. As far as I know it’s been caught and the owner found. I mentioned that it had got into our neighbours chickens if it had been missing a week and it lived just one street away. Looking at their profile this happens frequently where it gets out. No acknowledgment of whether it has been missing that long or the pain caused to our neighbour.
  2. I think that sounds very similar to my neighbours set up though it looks so iron tight, but must have got in somehow. I’m really hoping it doesn’t come back. Girls are in mk2 overnight so if it got in the walk in run hopefully it would get bored by dawn 🙁
  3. I’m just coming on here to find out if anyone else has got any experience of this? Last night at about 10:30 pm we heard a lot of commotion squawking so run out into the garden into the pitch black, our birds are about 50 m away so It took some time to get there. Once outside we realised that it was our neighbours chickens and ducks that were making a noise. The noise stopped pretty much straight away and we shouted loudly. We had a look at the camera trap and saw something very low to the ground, big and long we weren’t sure if it was a massive rat or something else. We tried to knock on our neighbours door but it was late at night so when we didn’t get a response we left as the noise has stopped and we thought we scared off whatever it was. Unfortunately when we went to have a look over the fence in the morning we’ve seen the bodies of the birds alongside the animal that killed them. Thankfully our girls are tucked up in their MKII, but we did capture it on the camera sniffing around underneath the coop near the cage. I’ve tried really hard today to fill in some of the larger gaps at the top of the walk in run but it’s not 100% proof. Does anyone have experience of these attacks from this particular animal or know if there’s anything we can do that we’re not already? we had planned for foxes but we’ve never seen this in our garden before so it’s really disappointing
  4. We just have to go out every night and check and shift if necessary! Moving them once seems to do the trick for the night.

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