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  1. I have been putting wood chip in my egg box and my hybrids and silkies just don’t want to lay in it. They lay on the bars and the eggs frequently have cracks in them. What else can I try the person I brought my hens of said hey was bad for there lungs but my friend uses hay and has no trouble and all her birds lay in the egg box. Is hay a defiantly no no. What about coconut husk?
  2. Fairly new to chicken keeping. We have a 6mx6m enclosure for our 2 silkie and 2 hybrid chickens. Originally it had grass that he all gone and since the rain has started it’s turning very muddy. I am worried about my silkies getting very muddy with there feather feet. They are also making the coop very dirty. Any idea how to help without costing a fortune? Is it bad for chickens to have a muddy enclosure? We have ordered some slate to make a path from the door to the coop but any ideas what to do with the rest or the area? Thanks.
  3. I am new to chicken keeping but one of my chicken has been doing very loose poo‘s for about a week. Is there anything I can do to help? It’s one of my big hens (Either the amber star or the Road rock) we got them about a month ago. All chickens are eating fine and seem well in themselves. I have uploaded a photo, sorry if that’s super gross but just wanted it was abnormal?
  4. Thanks got your replies. I believe they are 26 weeks old. We have wood chipping is that the right thing or is there something better? Where would I buy a pot egg from? Could I use a real egg instead? Thanks Hannah
  5. Hi I am new to owning chickens have an eglu classic and my new silkies have so far laid 5 eggs on the roosting bars. Is there anything I can do to encourage them to lay in the egg port instead? They have so far laid there eggs late in the afternoon so if I don’t check and get the egg out before they go in to sleep the egg could get crushed.

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