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  1. Fairly new to chicken keeping. We have a 6mx6m enclosure for our 2 silkie and 2 hybrid chickens. Originally it had grass that he all gone and since the rain has started it’s turning very muddy. I am worried about my silkies getting very muddy with there feather feet. They are also making the coop very dirty. Any idea how to help without costing a fortune? Is it bad for chickens to have a muddy enclosure? We have ordered some slate to make a path from the door to the coop but any ideas what to do with the rest or the area? Thanks.
  2. I am new to chicken keeping but one of my chicken has been doing very loose poo‘s for about a week. Is there anything I can do to help? It’s one of my big hens (Either the amber star or the Road rock) we got them about a month ago. All chickens are eating fine and seem well in themselves. I have uploaded a photo, sorry if that’s super gross but just wanted it was abnormal?
  3. Thanks got your replies. I believe they are 26 weeks old. We have wood chipping is that the right thing or is there something better? Where would I buy a pot egg from? Could I use a real egg instead? Thanks Hannah
  4. Hi I am new to owning chickens have an eglu classic and my new silkies have so far laid 5 eggs on the roosting bars. Is there anything I can do to encourage them to lay in the egg port instead? They have so far laid there eggs late in the afternoon so if I don’t check and get the egg out before they go in to sleep the egg could get crushed.

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