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  1. Ooh! Gorgeous! Surely the stripy one should be called Humbug... Or will they lose their stripes as they get older? Piggy envy here!
  2. bumping this thread to say I did it! Got my Tragus pierced on Sunday and I'm thrilled with it! Mine has a ring until it's healed, then I will choose something dainty and sparkly. Not painful and it is healing beautifully already. My year 11 students are quite impressed, husband and sons went My mum hasn't noticed yet
  3. I enjoyed it, and the sequel, but it wasn't an instant thing with me either. I've just finished Flight Behaviour by Barbara Kingsolver and The Goldfinch by Donna Tartt. Both on special offer and by two of my favourite authors - I thoroughly enjoyed both.
  4. It may be no coincidence that I'm going to be 45 this year....
  5. I've been thinking about having a Tragus piercing for a while - yours is so pretty I think I just might!
  6. I kind of miss all the sneaking - our boys are older now and not into all the Santa business. We still have our Christmas traditions but sneaking and (thankfully) very early mornings are no longer amongst them! Merry Christmas all.
  7. I think its a regional thing - growing up in the south east, with Geordie parents, we decorated the tree & house. Where i work in Yorkshire the tree gets trimmed and decorations are 'trimmings'. Where I live (20 miles away) we are back to decorating...
  8. Not as often as I would like, and usually only by demanding they do it NOW or go to school naked in the coming week. I think the threat of having detention for lack of kit or uniform at school is more effective than my motherly rantings.... DS1 keeps clean laundry on the end of his bed and sleeps in amongst it unless it is put away for him. I have learned to ignore it since he's mostly quite nice and doesn't often appear to be smelly or repellant to anyone! I'm not about to make a rod for my back by doing it for him!
  9. My first was fantastic, no periods and no side effects. I had it about 8 years. My second was expelled after ten weeks of almost constant havy bleeding - it moved into my cervix and basically I went into labour, my GP removed it and I now have a third which is settling well. When its good its wonderful but some women really don't seem to tolerate it well, and even after my first going so well, my second was a total pain. I went for a third because I was reassured that I could go back to my GP and talk about other options at any point - she is a gynae specialist and is realistic!
  10. I am the only person in the house able to locate the dishwasher. When any of the other occupants enter the kitchen, it employs some kind of cloaking device and becomes invisible... Hence the piles of dishes everywhere whilst said dishwasher is empty and they could go straight inside. We also have the disgusting bedrooms, DS1 jokes about the black hole under his bed which pulls in every type of stuff for miles around. If something is missing, it will be found circling the black hole mixed with a hundred other kinds of fluff, muck, dead socks and general junk. I don't tidy in there, I make them transfer dirty laundry to the basket and I return clean clothes... After that its up to them DS2 is not fussy about clothes and willwear stuff with dinner down the front unless made to find clean, today I noticed he had a huge hole in his socks. At least it didn't show when he had his shoes on.
  11. We had a very similar situation when DS2 was 10 and he was at a friend's sleepover. The other boys were playing an 18 rated game, but he knew we dont allow these at home and said he didn't want a go. I was very proud of him when he told us about it next day. He did stay in the room while they played it but was playing something more suitable on DSs with one of the other boys. I was shocked that so many parents seem to think it's OK to expose young children to totally unsuitable games - and all his friends know we don't have them at our house, but it doesn't stop them coming round to play! I agree with others - either you need to make sure your son can say no, or you have to speak to his friend's parents.
  12. I use this one to make cornmeal muffins to go with OH"s pulled pork: http://www.foodnetwork.com/recipes/paula-deen/moist-and-easy-cornbread-recipe/index.html Very easy and you can add cheese, chilli's or pieces of corn for a change if you like.
  13. Hi, I am a teacher in an SEN dept of a mainstream high school and that sounds awfully familiar! I have met many parents and relatives who display similar traits and refuse to believe their youngster is struggling. Usually the adults have developed coping strategies themselves and don't understand why the youngsters can't do the same. I also find that a diagnosis can be supportive for the child as they soon become aware that they are different from their peers, a diagnosis is a big help in explaining why and teaching coping strategies. Good luck with your FIL, but I fear that if you're right and he does have those inflexible traits, you may find it difficult to convince him that the diagnosis is a real condition and not down to upbringing. I hope your DSs school are supportive, it is a relatively common diagnosis now and hopefully they will be well clued up on how to meet his needs.
  14. I've got one! Rolls on his back to get his tummy tickled and makes a noise very like 'wuff' if the tickle stops too soon. He leans on you just like a dog rather than rubbing up against you the way most cats do. He runs like an ungainly puppy in a cat suit too.
  15. It was from a garden centre, one of the James Wong range of veg seeds. No melons for us this year but the huge k"Ooops, word censored!"bly French tomatoes are finally ripening - seed from Lidl!
  16. I have a scheme through work whereby I would be seen by a consultant more quickly than through NHS alone, and if I needed surgery or treatment I could have it privately if that was quickest. Quite a few colleagues have used the scheme and had very quick referrals and been back at work sooner than they otherwise would have been. But of those who have had their surgery at a local private hospital, there have been quite a few contracting infections and needing treatment for those as well as for the initial complaint. If I am unlucky enough to need surgery I might opt for the NHS hospital - I've had 2 surgeries and 2 babies delivered there, and had no issues with post-op infection.
  17. Ditto! We started in February and have lost over a stone each. I've fallen seriously off the wagon over the summer though, once back at school it'll be much easier to ignore food - being here with two permanently hungry boys hasn't helped my willpower! Its the only diet I've ever succeeded with, knowing I can have cake tomorrow makes the fast days manageable!
  18. did they have any female flowers on them and did you have more than one plant of the squash family a lot of melons are self sterile and unlike modern cucumbers and courgettes need a pollination partner as long as it's from the squash family they aren't to fussy were the pollen comes from I had several melon plants, and there were female flowers but possibly no male ones... No other possible pollinators in my garden but my neighbours have courgettes - the melons are still flowering but I've written them off as a failed experiment!
  19. Melons (supposedly ones that will mature and ripen in the UK) didn't even set fruit despite loads of flowers. Plenty of rhubarb, lots of salads and herbs and the quince tree is absolutely laden with fruit - if it all ripens I will have masses of preserves and quince brandy for Christmas . Beetroot were a great success and I wish I had sown more of them.
  20. How frustrating. I too would be tempted to correct it, add "ensure standards of grammar and punctuation are upheld", and return it to the sender. Reminds me of the time, many years ago, when a carefully written and punctuated batch of subject reports were checked by a member of the SLT and returned to me with a note attached reading "Please alter report for pupil x due to grammer."
  21. We have neighbours across the back who love a barbecue... so due we, but ours involve nice food, eating together and talking at normal volumes. Theirs involve loud music until 2am, shouting and swearing while their small children scream and cry around them. They have also installed some fab colour changing LED security lighting which is on at all times and lights up the rooms in our house that face that way in a variety of coloured glows - actually very bright and they shine right into your eyes when you first go into those rooms Our new next door neighbours have two littles with a serious case of sibling rivalry, at times I have gone indoors rather than listen to their screaming!
  22. I finish on the 19th and am trying not to count down as I have months worth of work still to finish! This after a rotten year in which I have often wished I could hand in my notice, but can't. It will be a massive relief to stop for a week or two. My main joy is that my DSs are in a different LEA and finish on the 23rd so I have some free days in which I can begin to plan for September, before they too break up from school.
  23. Ooh, I didn't know you could use one instead of a Kindle . Yes, you can download a free Kindle app.
  24. I have a Samsung tablet, a Nexus. Its fantastic, lovely display & a convenient size. I use it as a Kindle too and its a comfortable size to hold while reading. Love it. OH chose it after looking at lots of re views and it got very positive reviews and was certainly cheaper than an iPad.

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