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  1. I've just bought my first for 20+ years and I'm 44! I went for a hybrid with suspension as we ride a lot on the canal towpath - not off road exactly but far from smooth.

    The suspension really does reduce the ouch factor. I've also bought some cycling trousers with padding beneath and that helps a lot too - I didn't feel the aches and pains at 20 that I do now!


    We went to the Edinburgh bicycle cooperative as they were the only place that did the cycle to work scheme that OH is using, the care and service were excellent - they were knowledgeable and took a lot of care to ensure we found the right bikes - and mine is 'last year's model'- so substantially cheaper than the newer one for a good spec.

  2. I visited umpteen years as go when I was a post grad - loved Montreal, lovely city.


    We spent a weekend driving up the St Laurence coast, past Quebec it becomes very Francophone and the coast is stunning with fjords and ferries to cross them. It's a migration route for several species of whale and I will never forget seeing a mother and calf humpback swimming ahead of the car ferry. I would say a whale watching trip is a must while you're there!

  3. I use those sticky lint rollers, we stock up when we pass IKEA. Also I got a latex foam block from Pets at Home that is quite good at pulling the worst of the fluff off.


    Much as we love our 2 very fluffy cats, my OH sometimes gets frustrated with the fur they leave about and has threatened to shave them on more than one occasion :shock: !

  4. Why not ring his mother and suggest that you do alternate weeks? If she says no, then suddenly you won't be able to take her son either, because of a new commitment. I've been in this situation more times than enough and I know how frustrating it is.


    Unfortunately that can't happen since she doesnt drive and has a little one who is in bed by picking-up time. Her OH apparently works every Friday evening.

    I don't mind being the taxi - I would just like to be thanked occasionally.


    The lad is usually pleasant enough, I think its his parents who are taking the mickey!

  5. I'm a form tutor to 20 non-academic post 16 students doing sport.


    Unfortunately there aren't as many jobs in personal training etc as there are people who would like to work in that field. Working as a TA is a possible route but as many graduates are now doing this to build experience before applying to teach, there tend to be many highly qualified candidates for each job :( .


    Has she had an appointment with her local Connexions advisers? Our school has them on site and no student comes out of their office without a list of options ands backup plans.


    Off the top of my head I would suggest she considers the public services such as police or fire service as long term plans, but a good connexions adviser will be able to support her in finding lots of ideas and local options. Apprenticeships are a good option though they are very competitive at present.

  6. Thats rubbish :evil:


    I think imight say "thanks for the lift" as he is getting out the car, loudly, especially if mother is there :evil:


    I hate one way friendships, they really frustrate me


    We apppreciate you :D




    Thanks Cathy, :D I did try a loud 'you're welcome' a few times but I think it was lost on him. I've given up hope off seeing his mum since she now stays in the house, doesn't even put a head out of the door as I drop him off :roll: I've given up hinting since it makes my DS cringe with embarrassment and none of it is his fault. He gets on well with the lad at school but he can see why I find this irritating.

    He knows full well that if were to behave like that he would be in HUGE trouble at home!

    :talk2hand: Know how it feels - we have the same with lift shares to swimming, the key word being "share" though some people exempt themselves when it comes to taking my YS :roll:


    Rise above it - you do it for the lad, not the parents, otherwise you will go mad :D


    That's the attitude I'm trying to cultivate, SarahJo... Just this evening I have been struggling a bit! Glad I'm not the only one though :anxious:

  7. My son has a friend who goes with him to martial arts training every Friday. Each week he arrived at my house beforehand, I drop them off and pick them up and take him home afterwards. He usually arrives a bit early, tonight he was here 90 minutes early. I don't mind this.

    I even bit my tongue when, on the one occasion I couldn't take them, his parents took him and another lad who fancied trying the sport, but didn't offer my son a lift - he missed that session.

    When they were competing at championships, I drove. I was responsible for him for the day - 10 hours.


    I need a rant because he never, ever thanks me. His parents have never spoken to me despite the fact that I am at their house weekly. And because my son is unwelcome at their house because in the one occasion he did call round, he didn't ask the dog's name. He wasn't rude, the dog jumped up at him and he said hello to it.


    Thank you for listening...

    I hate rudeness!

  8. I assume that they have properly sized armholes as well? I have differing levels of T shirts - smart and pretty, casual and farm as they're comfortable but it would be nice to have just one blouse.....


    I'd need one suitable for back fat and fat arms as well :think: - perhaps I'll just have to stick with T shirts.


    I can only comment on what I've bought Lesley but so far my bingo wings have been OK!

  9. (white guinea)

    Yes Sha it was a kit. An American one I think. I googled birth samplers with chicks or chickens and found it. Could not resist :lol:


    It's gorgeous Mostin. Has Shaun tried to recruit Joe for scout fire-lighting duties?



    Poor Shaun!

  10. I had Crimplene outfits as a child - some of the dresses were a-line and would stand up on their own if you balanced them just right.

    I well remember turquoise Crimplene trouser suit my grandma made me - flared trousers with triangle inserts in the seams, and a jacket with long collars and an embroidered strawberry patch on the top pocket.... 8)

  11. DS1 is also choosing options - he has to do 3 separate sciences, maths, English, a language which will be German, a humanity which is history. Then there will be two more subjects (they do 9) out of his shortlist of 5 others.

    His first choice is music, then he is also looking at business studies.


    I think he will have a good spread of academic subjects with that and I'm mindful that we restrict the range of subjects at an early point in our children's education, so am glad he is looking at what he enjoys as well as what he wants to study last a post16 level.

  12. I've just read through this thread - I also loved The 100 year old man who climbed out the window, and Winter in Madrid. Hurray for the 20p kindle books!


    I'm currently reading Wolf Hall and I have Bring up the Bodies next... from talking to friends it seems they are "Marmite' books, either loved or hated. I'm enjoying them hugely.


    Has anyone read any of the Shardlake series? Having enjoyed one book by CJ Sansom I quite fancy them and I see rt hey also involve Thomas Cromwell.

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